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On November 12, 2009, in Protein, Reviews, by Andrea
Not your average protein drink

Not your average protein drink

To keep the FTC happy, let’s put it up at the top that Click has not paid me for this post.  In fact, they did not even know I was blogging this until I Tweeted about it, oh, maybe 30 seconds ago while I was modifying the picture to kill out the kids’ toys in the background (I am a full-time mother, remember?) so there can be no question that this is Andrea’s unvarnished opinion.

So these Click packets, that you see pictured were in our OH swag bags from the Atlanta event.  I’ve had Click before, and so I snagged (ie stole) a few extras.  I make no apologies for this because I like Click.  Well, no, I really like Click.

Being the very busy, and, well, very lazy mom that I am, I tend to use shakers rather than blenders.  I’m also not one for ice-cold anything.  I found that cute little 10oz shaker at the Atlanta event (thank you Tupperware ladies — if I knew who you were, I’d link you in) and that’s now what I’m fixing my drinks in.

In any case, the Click doesn’t mix wonderfully well in the shaker.. this could have been because I did not shake it long enough, violently enough, etc.  It still had some clumps, but I honestly feel this is due to a lack of shaking on my part rather than the quality of the product.  I’ve been told this is a wonderful drink made with some ice and a blender.  I’m sorry — I can’t be bothered with a blender, and the ice turns me off as I don’t like ice-cold anything.  This may be an excellent option for you, though.

When I first tried Click, I felt that it was too strong.  Now that I routinely drink 6-shot venti lattes from the buxx, I don’t think they are nearly as strong as they once were.  I am a Splenda-whore.. I have a sweet tooth (which is why I am fat in the first place I’m sure) and add a few extra Splenda to my Click.  One of these packets contain two “scoops” from a canister, and I used 10oz of cold tap water.  Of course, more water or fewer scoops will modify the strength of the Click.

I’ve seen some ideas for things like “Clicktini’s” and the like — this, this is something Andrea will be exploring with some of the packets that have been.. procured..  yes, that’s the term we will use.

As for nutritional stats, this is better most:


Considering it’s a protein drink, it also contains vitamins that postop patients need?  Really?  So I can get some extra B12 with my espresso fix?  WIN.  SHINY WIN.

Final result?  Yes, Andrea would drink this.  In fact, I’ve already finished the shaker-full that was in the picture.  More, please?

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5 Responses to “Click Espresso Protein Drink”

  1. Lynn B says:

    You should get one of the shaker ball cups – its has a little whisky ball thing in it so it destroys the clumps. Click recomends 2 scoops or one packet to 12 oz of water. I mix one scoop, 4oz Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk and 4 oz water for a lighter, creamier version.

    Click is a great coffee option!

  2. Andrea says:

    Haven’t found a shakerball cup thingy that’s small enough for me. I don’t need a 24-36oz cup.. my NORMAL protein drink is actually only 6oz (Lean Dessert) and so the 10oz that I got from Tupperware ladies in Atlanta (I still love you ladies, even if I don’t know who you are) is a good size for me.

    If I find a SMALL shakerball cup thingy, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat. But the others are a bit overkill for my very modest needs.

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