Calcet Creamy Bites – OMG

On November 13, 2009, in Minerals, Reviews, by Andrea
OMG.  Really, OMG.

OMG. Really, OMG.

FTC disclaimer — Yeah, they don’t know I’m reviewing their product.  I didn’t get this free — unless you count stealing it from Sam’s cabinet.  Okay, so yeah, I got it free.  But not from the company.  And only because they are so very yummy.
Melting Mama had done a review on these suckers.  She talked about how they were like little orgasms in tiny plastic containers.  Okay, so I thought maybe they were good.  I like Beth.  I think she’s the best thing since Prime Rib (hey, I got fat for a reason — I lurve me a good Prime Rib — medium rare, please).  But calcium?  Really?  It can’t be that good.  There had to be a catch — something like the Upcal-D fiasco way-back when they were substituting some of the calcium with sugar to make it taste good and sweet-talking the labeling to make it look better than it was.  So sure.. there had to be a catch.  There was no way these were going to be that good and be that wonderful for us.

So at OH Atlanta, there were a number of tables that had these out.  I think three or four.  I don’t remember where I grabbed mine from, to be honest, but I grabbed one for me, and one for Sam — who does not do mornings and was still in bed.  Stacy also had grabbed one and we sat down for the opening ceremonies with Bo.  Together, we started to pry the packaging open.. and yes, it’s difficult.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say that we needed scissors, or a flame-thrower to get it open.. perhaps a knife would have been handy.  But we got them open and popped that little bite into our mouths.

Mini Lemony Goodness

Mini Lemony Goodness




The flavor was wonderful.  The texture was creamy.  It was pure bliss in a tiny little flavorful package.  And! And! And! it was calcium?!  Really?  This is good for us?

So Sam comes down and I plop this in front of her.  She immediately thinks I’m trying to kill her (which is a normal occurrance), and after multiple assurances from others around her that it is not poison, she also tries it, and immediately buys two boxes (of which the pictured bite came from — so see FTC, I’m legal).

The taste is creamy.. I don’t get the gritty taste that I do with many of the other calciums out on the market (later, folks — I couldn’t help myself..  these had to come first).  These have a smooth taste, a light lemony flavor without having an overtone of Pledge.  And I saw that there is a chocolate flavor promised soon.  I’m hopeful, of course, that the chocolate won’t suck.  But regardless, I could totally do my entire 2000mg of calcium from these alone if they weren’t quite so pricey.  At most places, they work out about 40 cents each, plus some shipping.  But a treat, if you can limit yourself to just one — and yes they really are that good — would be worth it to me, and will be worth it.  I have a list of things to buy when I get my credit card out and actually decide to do it.  Probably next week.  If I think I could leave them alone and only do 2000mg of calcium a day.  Or do them 2 hours apart.  Which actually might be difficult.

Oh, stats?  These have them:

Stats -- yeah, these have them

Stats -- yeah, these have them

It’s important to note these have some sugar and milk in them — so if you are seriously sensitive to sugar (3g) or milk, then be cautious when trying these (or buy them and send me any extras if they don’t work for you).  Yeah, yeah, yeah.. these have 40 calories in them — shock! But being 5 years out, calories are not evil for me.  I know that my resting metabolic rate is somewhere around 1800 calories on a normal day.. 1500 if I sit on my butt on the internet all day.  Even if I did eat 4 of these a day, I’m not going to kill myself with calcium.  A box-worth?  Mebbe..  but 4 a day.. no.  If you’re new postop, 4 might be hitting your caloric threshold, but not for me.
Final result?  Yes, Andrea likes these.  The problem is whether or not Andrea will leave them alone if they are in the house — they are very much like candy!  Hey, at least I know my triggers.

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8 Responses to “Calcet Creamy Bites – OMG”

  1. [...] the OH Atlanta convention.  Theresa from Bariatric Eating was handing these out, along with the Calcet creamy bites (which might be where I got mine, I’m not certain..)  BE doesn’t know [...]

  2. [...] up to get my free coupon.  I wasn’t sure I would actually use it — they DO sell the Calcet candy (err.. calcium), but knowing I’d never leave it alone, I wasn’t sure what I’d buy.  So who [...]

  3. Amy says:

    Have you tried the chocolate ones yet? I just ordered a pack of the lemon and a pack of the chocolate. I’m terrible about taking my calcium. I’m hoping if it’s like eating candy then I’ll remember to take it.

  4. Andrea says:

    @Amy — I have not, but I plan on getting my paws on some VERY shortly… I’m just trying to decide how..

  5. Amy says:

    I’ll send you a few of mine if you want. They are o.k, but the lemon are much better.

  6. Andrea says:

    @Amy — oh you know me.. I’d never turn down a freebie!

  7. LisaFriday says:

    Because of ‘Melting Mama’s’ orgasam rating of this product, I felt confident that I would also enjoy a few orgasams a day too. So, I ordered 4 boxes.

    (By the way, I love, love, love my lemon chews that I get at my Dr’s office…they are the ‘gritty’ ones that Andrea mentions above I am sure.)

    Anyway, I actually gagged when I ate the first one… I am so sorry to go against Andrea and Melting Mama… I am not anyone who enjoys confrontation…I promise, in fact, I almost did not leave this reply. I did eat every last one of these because they were expensive… I tried so hard to like them, but, sadly, I did not… I was so relieved when I finally swallowed the last of the bunch…

    I only left this because I hope people will only order ONE initial box of any product they have never tried just in case they have a different definition of an orgasam…ha/ha!

  8. Andrea says:

    It’s alright to disagree with me — doesn’t bother me in the least!

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