About Time Whey – Birthday Cake

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Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

About Time from SDC Nutrition is a 100% all natural, 100% whey protein isolate protein powder with no artificial flavorings, no growth hormones, no artificial sweeteners, that is lactose and gluten free, zero carb, and zero fat.

So with THAT as a description, it has to taste nasty as hell, right?

MeltingMama said no.  So, well, I thought, why not give it a shot.  So I ordered my two samples (details below) to try.  Cause I mean, too good to be true.

Put my “Birthday Cake” into my little green shaker and hubby, being home and equally interested, decides to shake it.  I wouldn’t call it vigorous, but he does give it a good 2-minute shake.

We noticed no huge lumps when we opened up the shaker — wow!  How nice!

Poured it into a glass — this was thin.  Like “glass of milk” thin.  It has a few lumps at the top.. I don’t know if you can see the slightly discolored portions in the top of the glass.. they were very small lumps.  Honestly, this mixed very, very well.

Mmmm.. Birthday Cake milk...

Mmmm.. Birthday Cake milk...

Now, the instructions said to mix with 8oz of fluid, or how you like it.  Since I wasn’t sure, I went with 8oz of water.  Next time, I’ll use 4 or 6oz because while I think this could have good flavor, it really was way too washed out.  In this case, the lumps were the highlight of the drink experience.  Very rarely do I wish for lumps — this was one of those times.  I think making it with 4oz for my taste buds would make this a good flavored shake.. maybe 6oz.  But 8oz was way too thin and had too little flavor and it was difficult to get the full amount down.

The stats for the powder are great, though — especially for those who are lactose intolerant (and geez, that happens so frequently after surgery):



It’s not listed on the webpage, but these also have quite a nice Amino Acid profile which is imperative for keeping our muscles.  The body requires amino acids in order to build the protein chains that are then used to build the muscles we need to keep our heart beating and our bodies in motion.  I’m always impressed when a company is transparent with their ingredients and their makeup.

I have another sample from the company to try, and I will be doing so soon.  I encourage anyone looking for a new protein powder to give this company a shot as the stats are really good.  With it being so thin, it might be a great supplement for early postops to get the protein down without heavy volume and without lactose.

Samples can be purchased from SDC Nutrition – 2 for $1.99
Available at SDC Nutrition, GastricBypassSupplements, and others.

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  2. Halina says:

    I tried all the samples – i think I got them all. And i like most of their flavors. I am usually not a “fruity” person when it comes to protein drinks – but their strawberry really tasted like strawberries… I think I may get some in the future…Now I ordered and I am using the Mocha-mint. It is a nice light flavor – not very strong – so I usually mix it with another natural brand in chocolate. I get 40 gr of protein in 16 oz of water (16 oz including ice). But normally – I mix 2-4 oz of water + the ATW Mocha-mint – and add to my morning coffee… great…

  3. Becky says:

    At the bottom of the nutrition facts in the ingredients it says it contains milk and soy.

  4. Andrea says:

    Never said it didn’t.

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