American Medical ID — a Rant

On December 12, 2009, in Reviews, by Andrea

I have a number of pet peeves.. I admit it, I do.  But after having worked in retail, having MANAGED in retail, and having been a consumer for coming up on 31 years, perhaps my biggest pet peeve is poor customer service.

Now, with the economy in the “abysmal” stage, I really think that customer service should be a shining beacon of happiness.  “Hi!  Come part with your money with US!  We will make you so happy you’ve dropped that hard-earned cash that you really can’t afford to drop because we will treat you like royalty!”  But more often than not, I’m finding that customer service is going by the wayside faster than Kaitlin can turn on the tears to get her way.  And this puzzles me given how many people who would kill for a job — and I mean kill for ANY job (even the job greeting people at Wal-Mart with crap hours, or , hey, dealing with the snotty-nosed public).  You act like an ass to a customer — you’re fired!  Cause look, we have at least 100 more that would kill for that paycheck you’re earning.

So why is this important?  This week, I wrote two emails complaining about various products and / or services.  Neither has been acknowledged.  Given how fast and easy it is to return an email — especially when it’s from a form on your website — well, I don’t think there is much excuse.  But given only one is WLS-related, we’ll only discuss that one.

I have hypoglycemia and hypotension due to my RNY, thus I wear a medic alert bracelet.  I don’t have the hypotension listed, and really should, and have been thinking of rectifying this.  I bought my previous bracelet from American Medical ID company online, and was happy — the style I chose allowed for me to have engraving on both front and back, so I could get all sorts of nifty info on my bracelet, it is lightweight, etc.

Well, they’ve got me on their mailing list and given the current state of the economy and how much they need money, they’ve been running free shipping, special offers, etc.  Each and every time I’ve gone to their site to look at building a new ID for myself, it kicks out an error message telling me I’m a hacker.

Now — a few years back, in a previous life — maybe.  Today?  Not so much.

Tried a different browser, from a different location — same result.  So it’s not tied to my service provider, my IP, my browser, my network settings, etc.  I can’t even access the site enough to get a US phone number to CALL them and complain, order over the phone, etc.  I can access the UK site, and did — where I fill out their handy dandy “Contact Us” form — and still have not heard anything back after 3 full business days.  I guess they really don’t want my money after all.

So yeah, I’ll be looking for a new medic alert bracelet — but not from American Medical ID company.

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