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Don’t wanna go through the hassle and cost of slicing and dicing your guts to get a REAL weight loss surgery?  Not sure if you are really ready to commit to a lifetime of vitamin supplementation, or the reality of fills and such, but you’re sorta ready for a weight loss surgery without the pesky surgery part?

WELL!  If you live in California, and have $2k, your wait is over!

You can get a SLIMR Gastric Band!

Wait!  Andrea!  Tell me more about this SLIMR Gastric Band you say?!  Well, it’s a HYPNOTIC suggestion to your stomach muscles, telling them that you are full on 1/3 of the food you used to eat without the pesky risks associated with, you know, actual surgery!


Here’s the details. I’m not sure if I want to share them as I kinda want to keep factual information here.  I’m not really big on hypnotherapy.. maybe because I’ve never seen it actually, well, work.  Maybe it does, but maybe it doesn’t.  I think I’m too.. err.. analytical to think it works long-term.  Or skeptical.  Or .. something.  To me, this just seems like another fad diet.  And I don’t like that.  But just cause I find this interesting — if nothing more for the morbid fascination — here it is.

SLIMR gastric band makes its debut in the US at Tooley Weight Wellness Clinic

18. December 2009 03:26

An innovative weight loss program, the “SLIMR™ gastric band,” is making its debut in the United States at the Tooley Weight Wellness Clinic in Torrance, California.

“The sensation of a smaller stomach suggested through hypnosis offers results similar to a physical gastric band inserted by laparoscopic surgery, commonly called a lap band. The mind is very powerful, and what you think becomes real for you,” says Duncan Tooley, CHt, Certified Medical Hypnotist and developer of the program.

Tooley has developed a multi-faceted 27-week weight loss protocol that combines the power of the sub-conscious mind with the appetite-limiting features of a gastric band. Tooley’s unique program provides a lower risk, lower-cost option for those considering lap band surgery, or for whom diets do not work.

Joh Smith’s story of her 55-pound weight loss within a few months of receiving her hypnosis lap band was covered in the London Press earlier this year, as were similar results experienced by Marion Corns, another woman seeking weight loss. As part of the process, both women underwent a simulated lap-band surgery during a hypnosis session and afterward experienced effects normally resulting from the presence of a physical lap band.

Elaborating on the actual process of the SLIMR™ band, Tooley says, “As my client rests comfortably in hypnosis, I suggest that a narrow band of stomach-wall muscles contract to squeeze off a pouch identical to that produced by a physical lap band. Thereafter, the sensation ‘I’m full’ is triggered after about 1/3 cup of food fills the small pouch. The food trickles through the adjustable opening into the larger main stomach and is then digested normally. SLIMR describes both the process of installing the gastric band, Stomach-Limiting Induced Muscle Response, and the client’s end result!

While the appetite and metabolic effects of the SLIMR™ band are comparable to a surgically-implanted lap band, other aspects of the program differ substantially. “My program offers great results because it includes group support, nutritional education, and 27 weeks of hypnosis to adjust sub-conscious food habits. These features are unique to my program and lacking in the standard lap band surgery,” says Tooley.

The 6-month program costs $6,977, a fraction of the $15,000-$30,000 cost of a surgical lap band procedure. A few openings are still available in clinical validations now underway at Tooley’s Weight Wellness Clinic in the Medical Centre, located at 4201 Torrance Blvd, Torrance, 90503. The fee for participation in the clinical validation is only $1,977 and includes all features of the full cost program.

Tooley experienced the extraordinary power of the mind when he marshaled self-hypnosis to cure his own disability and later used it as anesthesia during hernia repair surgery. Thousands of medical studies confirm that the mind is extremely powerful in adjusting body processes when asked specifically to do so.

And if you want to, you know, participate?  Here’s the place to go:  Tooley Weight Wellness Clinic

Keep in mind, though — and I know that you, my loyal followers will be FLOCKING to go there — that this place is in Torrance, CA.  So you’d better be willing to drive or be local.  Anyone willing to go and do a review — lemme know ;-)

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