CLICK IN the New Year!

On December 26, 2009, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

Yes!  A CONTEST!  We all know how much Andrea likes to give things away!  And things that people give to Andrea to give away?!  EVEN BETTER!  (Note to companies who read this?  Andrea LOVES to give away swag.  Send me swag, I promote your stuff.)

Click In the New Year!

So how about a CLICK PACK?

Between 12/26 and 12/31, reply to this post with a resolution for the new year.  If you need help creating a resolution, try reading this post about SMART Resolutions for pointers.  Your resolution doesn’t have to be related to weight loss — pick something that is important to your life, but pick something.

On New Year’s Day, I’ll pull a radom number generator and pick a post number.  That person will get a Click Pack by mail.

Now, to put a comment on the post, you’ll have to create a WordPress account.  It’s one of those things that is part of the deal.  I don’t get access to the accounts, it’s their way of keeping the spam down on the blogs and I kinda like not having to delete sex spam from vitamin postings so I keep that part of the deal.  If you don’t want to create an account, maybe you can play on the FaceBook contest next time but this is part of the deal this time.

So get crackin!  I’ll pull the winner at midnight on New Year’s Day to CLICK IN THE NEW YEAR!

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22 Responses to “CLICK IN the New Year!”

  1. kaseypb says:

    Sweet :) I’d love to win & try Click!! Happy Healthy 2010!

  2. Sdunn says:

    My resolution this year is to stop obessing about the last 15 lbs I have to loose.. I know it will come off sooner or later as long as I keep working so I have to stop obsessing… I hope I win the Click since I am too cheap to buy it..

  3. rny_alison says:

    My resolution: Maintain my current weight (within +/- 5 lbs) and to see my nutritionist at least once every other month to help me stay focused and on track. I will monitor my weight at least weekly to monitor my progress.

  4. MelissaF says:

    My resolution is to remain positive! I joined gratitudelog’s website and my husband is helping remain focused on staying positive and be grateful for all the joys I have been blessed with in my life!

  5. Bonamy says:

    The best two things about Click are the great flavor and smooth fluid consistancy. My resolution is vitamins, protein, water, exercise and a clean kitchen sink daily. Have a happy and blessed New Year Andrea, thank you for you fabulous support and knowledge.

  6. I resolve to refrain from old bad habits!

  7. schellee_p says:

    Hello :) My resolution is to simplify and organize my life, clutter, bills etc…


  8. crroany says:

    Organize, Organize, Organize :)

  9. denas says:

    I resolve to exercise! It’s always so hard for me to get started, but once I do, I love it!

  10. sandrablaze says:

    my resolution this year, is no resolutions. seriously. I am going to try hard and not have any resolutions.

  11. garlic11 says:

    I resolve to take off this last nagging 30-40 lbs. to get to my goal weight…I will focus on protein, exercise and taking my vits and supplements!

  12. meltingmama says:

    I resolve not to resolve. But I don’t want to win. I’m just screwing up your Randomizer, and pimping out my contest, too. Win moah CLICK at melting mama dot net ….

  13. RNY_Kattitude says:

    I resolve to get a bicycle helmet so I can ride my bike and real goal by April 29, 2010. (my 2 year surgiversay)

  14. cutiebootz says:

    I resolve to get back on eatting healthy, and losing the 30lbs that I gained within the last year do to the poor choices that I made in my eatting.

  15. pennykid says:

    For 2010, I resolve to sign up and complete training in a new field so I can get a permanent job. I’m tired of temping and want to go into a new field.

  16. ChristieS says:

    I LOVE Click! For 2010, I resolve to be happy with myself the way I am now. If I continue to lose more weight, well then – that’s the cherry on top of the sundae! I have gone from a tight size 24 to a size 12 in one year. I am grateful for that, and I am going to stop being so hard on myself.

  17. LauraS says:

    My resolution is to keep working out for the entire year.

  18. InkdSpEdTchr says:

    I resolve to save 75 dollars a month so that we will have a security deposit when we move.

  19. dommiepa says:

    My New Year’s resolution to try not to be so stressed out in the new year. Also to follow the rules of WLS to a T after I have my RNY.

  20. mesmith2 says:

    I am going to stop focusing on the number on the scale and start focusing on how I feel about myself. And also to be more vigilant about taking my vitamins like I should.

  21. penneynurse says:

    My resolution is to get back to food journaling. I know I am mindlessly nibbling here and there and I need to stop that crap right now! And I need to be better about my water.

  22. jmelrod829 says:

    There are honestly so many things I plan to do better in 2010 then I did in 2009 that I can’t list them all LOL I guess I will just say I will strive to be/do better in the coming year in all aspects of my life :)

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