In case there was any doubt..

On December 27, 2009, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

I really am one of you.

Some people in the WLS community seem to be perfect in everything they do it seems.  They eat the perfect meals, take the perfect vitamins, have the perfect labs, go to the perfect surgeons, have the perfect surgery.  They are the golden children of WLS and they don’t mind telling everyone about it.  In excrutiating detail.  In annoying excrutiating detail.  And people seem to LOVE how these are inspirations to them — how perfect they can be, too.

I’m not perfect.  I’m just me.  In fact, I’m pretty broken most days.  And if I get my water down, my protein in the form of food (and not shakes since my pouch is picky right now), and my laundry done while not killing my two kids or my husband in the process — well, it’s a banner day in Andrea’s household.  I AM good about getting my vitamins in for some reason ;-)

I suffer from chronic pain.  This is something I live with, and try not to complain about too much.  I occasionally slip and whine a bit, but it’s the truth.  I wake up around 4:30 this morning in pain and take one of my pills.  Rather than go back to bed, like I should have, or even drink an RTD shake in the fridge which would still have been a better idea, I spy the box of Krispy Kremes that the husband brought into the house on Christmas Eve.

Now, I can leave most things alone when in the house.  Some, I cannot.  Most cookies (especially Oreos).  Skittles.  Swedish Fish.  Candy Corn.  Muffins.  Doughnuts.  GOOD peanut butter (mm.. honey roasted from Earth Fare..).  These are not safe from me at all.  And generally they don’t come into the house for this reason.  Proof?  Mom made some for Christmas and I didn’t even let her bring them in — I made her give them away.

So it’s 4:30am and I’m eating a doughnut.  I should also state that I’ve cleared the box pretty much by myself at various times since the box came through the door.  Not all at once — but one here and one there.

It’s the internet — I could pretend that I’m perfect, that I don’t have this compulsion to eat icing goodness of things (cause, let’s face it, it’s the icing that kills my self-control).  But that’s not me.

And this isn’t a confession.  It’s just a reassurance that while you read my information about vitamins and protein and news about stomach stapling and banding and such — that it’s a REAL person on this end of the computer and not some robot that does everything right 100% of the time.  Cause I’m not.  I’m one of you, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

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2 Responses to “In case there was any doubt..”

  1. rny_alison says:

    Thanks for showing us that you are real. I swear I would eat a Krispy Kreme if we had some here. I would probably find it very hard to stop at just one. It’s been a rough couple of days…

  2. MelissaF says:

    I wish more people were real about WLS postop. Thanks to people like yourself and Beth (melting mama) it makes postop life a lot more sane to not feel so “abnormal”. Appreciate your honesty as I am far from perfect and will never be. If I was, I wouldn’t have been 328 lbs at one point or needed the surgery to begin with and having surgery isn’t going to take all my issues away, no way no how.

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