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On December 28, 2009, in Protein, Reviews, by Andrea

When I got my About Time Birthday Cake Batter sample, I also got one for Vanilla.  I had been holding onto it for quite some time.. I don’t know why, but I decided today was the day.

About Time Vanilla

About Time from SDC Nutrition is a 100% all natural, 100% whey protein isolate protein powder with no artificial flavorings, no growth hormones, no artificial sweeteners, that is lactose and gluten free, zero carb, and zero fat.

So one thing I realized when I did the last review was that I like my drinks stronger than some, I guess.  The directions said to make it with 8oz of fluid, but I thought it was way way WAY too watery — like birthday cake flavored water.  Okay, thin, but not terribly great.  So today I only threw 4oz of water into my little green shaker and started to shake.

Much.. thicker.

Given that it had so much less fluid, I expected more lumps — but I was surprised.  There was one that floated to the top, and maybe two or three more.  Small, even.  Nothing really horrible, nothing like many many others I’ve tested (even recently) so this was a nice surprise.

The flavor was a subtle vanilla — not like someone threw a bottle of vanilla extract in the container when I wasn’t looking — which is nice.  I was worried I’d be overwhelmed by the flavor given that I only had 4oz versus the suggested 8oz.  Of course it was much thicker made this way, but for me, I like it better.  But baby postops might like it thinner to help get it down faster.  Maybe a compromise of 6oz for taste and viscosity?  Worth playing with to get these stats:

Vanilla Stats

Keep in mind that this product is free of many things — lactose being one of them.  This is ideal for those new postops that come up lactose intolerant — and there seems to be more and more of them out there.  Considering how well it mixes in water, then that makes it even better.  No worries about mixing with milk for this reason.

It’s not listed on the website or on this label, but they have quite a nice amino acid profile.  It’s on the sample pack, and if I thought I could get a decent enough pic, I would.  It’s refreshing to see a company actually disclose this stuff — I’m not used to it except from companies like Unjury so they get extra kudos in my book for that.

Do yourself a favor — GO GET SAMPLES IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY.  Really.  It’s worth it.

Samples can be purchased from SDC Nutrition – 2 for $1.99
Available at SDC Nutrition, GastricBypassSupplements, and others.

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    Isn’t Stevia an artificial sweetener?

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    No. Stevia is actually an herb.

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