VHT Extreme Smoothie — Chocolate Dream

On January 15, 2010, in Protein, Reviews, by Andrea

VHT Extreme Smoothie -- Chocolate Dream

Rich thick Chocolate Dream, delicious Strawberry Supreme or incredible Vanilla Cream all with 35 grams of protein and only 5 or 6 grams of carbohydrates. Whether you’re dieting or looking for a healthy snack, Extreme Smoothie is so good it’s hard to believe it’s so good for you.

I’ve been sitting around, looking through the medical sites for links and such when all of a sudden I started getting that shakey feeling.  That’s generally a sign that Andrea needs to eat.  But what?

A quick look through the fridge reminds me that I have a RTD shake from VHT just waiting to review — so why not.  I’m up for it.  The stomach isn’t upset, so we’re golden on that front.  I take a not-so-good pic because yeah, Andrea is a bit shakey and then open the sucker up.

It’s not bad.  It still has that protein-y taste, but really not bad.  I could really down these if I needed to.  It’s maybe a bit much for you if you’re early post-op being 11oz, but it’s not overly thick and not super thin.  It’s not a “smoothie” by any stretch — let’s make that clear right now.  But it does have a nice chocolate flavor without making me wish for additional flavoring to cover up the protein ick taste.

I remember that the last one that I reviewed gave me a rumbly in my tumbly — this isn’t doing that, so I’m wondering if it was just a bad day, a bad flavoring, or a bad can.  In any case, this is good.

The stats are pretty good as well:


Ingredients: Skim milk, water, calcium caseinate, natural and artificial flavors, cellulose gel, sucralose, dipotassium phosphate, cellulose gum, carrageenan, and FD&C red #3

So would I buy this one again?  Yes.  The vanilla no way.  Chocolate yes.

Available all over, including Amazon, for about $3.50-4.00 a can.

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  1. Oh wow — I missed this entirely Andrea. I had mine in the freezer. It came out ALL smoothie-ish. Love it.

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