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Well, it’s been a month.  Or close to it since I started my experiment with Proferrin.

Due to some other issues that I was fairly certain were unrelated to my WLS, I decided to bite the bullet, go ahead and get my yearly lab draw out of the way.  I mean, last year I had hit my deductible by the first week in February when I had an outpatient surgery so I wanted to see if I could at least come close to cleaning out the FSA with my lab work and some blood work the kids are bound to have next week.  It’s a morbid little game I play that is somewhat depressing, but reminds me that I have it so much better of than many others out there.

In any case, I needed to have a draw done to rule out some other issues.  So I figured I’d update the status of the Proferrin experiment.

Unfortunately, not all of the values are identical, and the labs were not the same labs that did the testing — but I think we can get enough out of this to draw a few conclusions.  If not, you’re going to nod sagely, pretend that we could because it’s 10:20pm, the youngest is refusing to go to bed, it’s been a long day, and that’s that.  Kay?  That’s what I thought.

Ranges are for the lab that did the draw.  Remember, different labs, thus different ranges.  Hey, I wish there were standardized ranges, too.

HGB – 12.6  (12.0 – 18.0 g/dl)
HCT – 39.7%  (37.0 – 51.0%)
Ferritin – 11.1  (11-137 ng/ml)
Iron – 41  (37 – 170 ug/dl)
TIBC – 310  (265 – 497 ug/dl)
Iron Saturation – 13%  (20-55%)


HGB – 13.13  (12.0 – 15.0 g/dl)
HCT – 38.21%  (35.0 – 49.0%)
Ferritin – 16.3  (6 – 81 ng/ml premenopausal *which seems odd cause post is 14-186….?*)
Iron – 45  (28 – 182 ug/ml)
UIBC – 326  (130 – 375 ug/dl)
TIBC – 371  (180 – 545 ug/dl)
Iron Sat – Not measured

So what happened?

Well, in a month, my ferritin shot up 5 points and my serum iron went up 4.  Even the TIBC went up quite a bit, which would make me think that iron saturation would have if it had been measured by the second lab (which was asked for, by the way.. along with some other things that weren’t reported.. I’m hoping they were just delayed)

Now, all of this is assuming that the labs are accurate across the board.  For the sake of argument — THEY ARE.  I mean, there’s no way to say they are or aren’t and we have to trust something in this world, so let’s let this be one of those things that we trust.  That the labs are somewhat on an even keel in the measurement of things.

So for now, I am going to continue the Proferrin as planned — 3x a day.  It seems to be working.. and will retest.  I see my GI doc, who is convinced he is the one following my iron in February and I plan to get a lab slip from him to test all of this at the end of the experiment.  So we’ll get a better idea as to what the true answer is.

But so far?  Yeah, it’s working for me.  And I have to admit, the whole not having to wait 2 hours around calcium thing is pretty nice.

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