Experience vs. training.

On January 24, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

I warn you now — I’ve caught myself twice now on being very snarky.

And generally, I don’t delete my words.  I stand behind them — even when they get me into trouble.  So here I am.  I probably should turn off the computer and go take a bath.  But the kids are still awake (not for much longer, well, not for much longer in the living room I will clarify) and I wouldn’t get any peace anyway so there’s little point.

One of my biggest, most absolutest pet peeves is the idea that someone without letters behind their name is absolutely an idiot.  Especially when it comes to experience versus training.  And especially when it comes to weight loss surgery.

I have met the smartest LPN’s.  I have met the most idiotic doctors.  I have truly met some of the most moronic nutritionists — and feel that “nut’s” as they are generally shortened as — is truly apropos for about 75% of them.

This is something that really so few people in the medical community really know — and even fewer truly understand.  And those that understand know one key thing is a universal truth — NOTHING is universal.  There are a few things that are absolute, but really, there are always a few things that can always confound expectations.  The rule is to roll with the punches.

But to be told over and over and OVER again that I know nothing because I’m a stay at home mom that has a degree in computer networking — and haven’t “studied” nutrition.. well, I take exception to that.  Because I’ve lived with these guts of mine quite a bit longer than many folks have, and even then, I’ve dealt with the consequences of very poor nutritional advice.  Add in two pregnancies that sped along the nutritional deficiencies that many will experience in a few years past even my surgical date taking the same crap-ass vitamins I was told, and I think I have some experience that warrants listening to.

But no.  I have no letters beyond computer networking.  I suppose I’m only worth talking to if you want to discuss how to change a diaper, baby formulas, pacifiers, potty training, and, yeah, how to make a cat-5 cable.

It’s bad enough when a doctor or other medical professional dismisses me.  I have come to expect it.  But when it’s one of my peers it especially pisses me off.  Cause these are people that should know better — but apparently don’t and inevitably when they DO have problems because taking that single Tums their COE doctor that walks on water told them that the carbonate studies were bunk and eventually their bones begin to turn to mush and so they will need help and being the softie that I am — I will help them  Cause let’s face it — I fall for scams, and poor puppies on the side of the road every. freaking. time.

I have had rickets.  I have had severe iron deficiency and have tried most ionic iron types — including 3 scripted irons (one of which put me on the floor in a fetal position which allowed the baby to poke at me with a fork… he thought mama was playing a game.  Mama wasn’t thrilled) and even one that the entire house smelled when the bottle is opened.  I’ve had b12 deficiencies.  I’ve had very severe reactive and regular hypoglycemia while pregnant.  I’ve battled these things when doctors shook their heads and said “I don’t know WHAT to tell you what to do.”  And I’ve done most of my learning without the benefit of bariatric nutritionists, bariatric surgeons, or even doctors that knew how my anatomy affected drugs.  I had to go it alone for the most part because if I didn’t advocate for myself, no one else would.

But that doesn’t mean that when I get told “no offense, but you’re not …” that the offense isn’t taken.  Guess what — the offense is taken.  And as much as I’ve heard it, it doesn’t hurt any less.  My experience doesn’t mean anything to you?  Why thanks!  I’ll just slink off quietly and not share.  I just don’t keep score.  Cause I’m nicer than you are.

Most of the time.  Tonight, I’m not.  But tomorrow, I will be.  Ask for your help tomorrow cause tonight I’m just out.

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2 Responses to “Experience vs. training.”

  1. MacMadame says:

    I share your frustration. It drives me mad when I quote a couple of studies that disputes something someone is saying and the response is “but my NUT says….” I so want to respond with “in that case, your NUT is a moron” but I figure it’s not going to help me make my point.

  2. Andrea says:

    It’s hard. Do you leave them be, or do you try and help?

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