We’ve seen some of the stats before — that RNY’ers are not compliant with their supplementation.  There was a study out that measured the efficacy of a multivitamin alone after RNY and in the process we learned that only 33% were actually compliant. You’d think we learned?

No.  We didn’t.

Now, this study was published in 2009 — but is from patients from 2006-2007.  I’m hoping, hoping, HOPING that people out there understand how freaking important their vitamins are, and if not perhaps they will see after reading these two studies.

Keep in mind, these are two studies in order — and neither are very good.  Both show that people, at least around 2005-2007 did not feel like they needed to take their vitamins.  Don’t become a statistic.

A few takeaways:

  • 33% took a multivitamin
  • 5.1% took b12
  • 7.7% took calcium
  • 11.1% took folic acid
  • 12.0% took iron
  • 61.5% took incorrect medication formulations
  • 34.7% took non-immediate-release medications
  • 25.0% took enteric-coated medications
  • 40.3% took enteric-coated non-immediate-release medications

How many do you think were getting appropriate protein levels?  Or their lab work?

The article abstract can be read here.

This simply continues the point that we need to educate ourselves AND our physicians.

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2 Responses to “Non-compliance”

  1. Since I *am* a statistic…I would like to chime in. I’m a 2006 non compliant WLS patient. Not that I had great instruction to begin with. I’m embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I relied solely on what my surgeon said and even then I didn’t do exactly as I was told. Skipping a day of supplements here or there wasn’t exactly going to kill me, now was it? A day here or there turned into everyday. Here I sit today, having just spoken with my PCP and getting my labs back, Vitamin D, B12, and Iron deficient. I picked up my prescription Vit D, my B12 injections and my instructions to up my iron to 3 supplements a day. I popped that Vit D pill in my mouth as soon as I got home…after all, I wanted to be a good patient. It wasn’t until after I chased it down with my green tea that I realized it was a fat soluable gel cap and remembered that we don’t really absorb those. Then I asked myself, now what???? I did my own research, that’s what. I realized that my neck, back and head pain I’ve been suffering over the last few months could very well be attributed to my deficiencies. I was stunned. I was also shocked to learn what permanent damage I could possibly be doing by not taking my supplements and that going without could in fact kill me.

    My point I guess is to just reiterate your blog as someone who not “been there done that” but rather someone who “is there, doing that.” It IS so very important that you educate yourself AND your healthcare providers, as well as being your own advocate. If you’re NOT getting the desired results from your medical “professionals” time to move on and either find one who specializes, or is willing to listen and learn. And once again…not taking your supplements CAN AND WILL kill you!!!

  2. Andrea says:

    You know how to get me. If you need anything, lemme know!

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