Southwest Air kicks off wrong passenger

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Yes.. we know about Southwest’s Fat hatred where they have kicked off fat people, humiliated them, made them late for funerals, etc.  They’ve also kicked off kids and people wearing “inappropriate attire.”

But the fat hatred is the most common hatred that Southwest shows on a regular basis.

This time, however, they screwed up.  They kicked off director and actor Kevin Smith — who has quite a platform on Twitter and a weekly broadcast — this week’s, of course being dedicated to Southwest.


via the Comsumerist:

Filmmaker Kevin Smith Kicked Off Southwest Flight For Being Too Fat

By Laura Northrup on February 14, 2010 2:30 AM 0 views

Every so often Southwest Airlines arbitrarily and incorrectly decides that someone is too fat to fly in a single seat. These are people who have regularly flown Southwest in the past and can fit themselves in one seat without a problem. Prior to now, none were cult celebrities with more than a million and a half Twitter followers and a smartphone. Then an air captain declared filmmaker Kevin Smith a “safety risk,” and all hell broke loose.

Yes, Kevin Smith tweeted that Southwest Airlines kicked him off a flight. Yes, it was purportedly because of his weight. Southwest’s Twitter rep apologized (as did the VP of Customer Relations) once the incident took Twitter by storm. Smith took the opportunity to point out that the prompt apology was only because of his fame, and the same exact thing happens arbitrarily to other passengers who also shop in the plus-size section.

Fuck making it right for me just ’cause I have a platform. I sat next to a big girl who was chastised for not buying an extra ticket because “all passengers deserve their space.” Fucking flight wasn’t even full! Fuck your size-ist policy. Rude…

We’ve written about similar incidents here at Consumerist before, and are glad Smith is bringing more attention to the issue.

Kevin Smith [Twitter]
Customer of Size Q&A [Southwest Airlines]

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