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Peanut Butter Cookie

Bariatric Eating says:

Peanut Butter Cookie has freshly baked toasted peanut goodness.

  • Mixes instantly and completely with a spoon
  • Zero sugar & zero fat
  • Created to blend with just four ounces of water

We know what qualities it takes to make the perfect protein, and we’re proud to bring you Inspire Pure Whey Isolate Protein Drink. Inspire is a thin, smooth, small-volume protein drink offering excellent taste & convenience. We use 100% pure whey isolate as it offers a clean unflavored background for luscious real peanut butter & premium flavorings. Our bestselling protein is flavored with fat free peanut butter powder!

So this is my last sample from BE.  I love PB — As in I’ll eat it with a spoon if I can.  PB and I can get in trouble if I allow myself to.  Pop it into the shaker and let’s see.


So mixed up, there’s not very much foam on the top, which is very nice.  On first glance, it looks smooth, but when tasting I do find a few clumps of peanut butter.  It’s not bad at all, just that they are there.  And at the bottom of the cup there is some peanut butter powder left over — but again, not a huge deal.  This is pretty well tasting, but still a bit watery in my opinion.  If I were to have this as a common shake, I’d probably use just a bit less water so it wouldn’t be quite as diluted.  But taste-wise, it does have a peanut butter taste.  I notice a bit more of a residue on my teeth with this protein more than I have with the others — and maybe that’s the peanut butter — I don’t know.  I just know that it’s there.

Nutritional Stats

It’s not a bad protein — and I think it’s probably one of the better tasting PB proteins out there.  So if you’re looking for a PB flavored protein and don’t want to make one yourself using PB2, then this is an option.

Available at BariatricEating, 19.99 for 14 servings.

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