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On March 14, 2010, in Protein, Reviews, by Andrea

Pom Razz ... Sangria?

Bariatric Eating says:

Pom Razz Sangria is a fruity sensation with pomegranate, raspberry, and tart cranberry.

  • Mixes instantly and completely with a spoon
  • Zero sugar & zero fat
  • Created to blend with just four ounces of water

We know what qualities it takes to make the perfect protein, and we’re proud to bring you Inspire Pure Whey Isolate Protein Drink. Inspire is a thin, smooth, small-volume protein drink offering excellent taste & convenience. We use 100% pure whey isolate as it offers a clean unflavored background for luscious fruit & premium flavorings.

So there’s a reason Andrea doesn’t do reviews when she has a headache.  Or when she’s taken medication.  REALLY good reasons.  I mixed this BRIGHT RED drink up, and was in a video chat and someone asked if this was a blender ball cup I was using.  And like a moron, I thought it would be a good idea to show the cup with the blender ball and the stuff inside to the webcam — pouring out part of the BRIGHT RED protein on my laptop keyboard.  And this is just after the vlog in which Beth calls me smart.  Not so much.  So now I have a few keys that are a bit sticky and one key that needs a bit of super glue — but for the most part all is well in the world again.

Bright red and .. foamy.

So I mix it up and it is BRIGHT FREAKING RED.  I mean it’s still red in parts of my keyboard red.  It’s bright red.  The thing I noticed right away was that it foamed up very heavily from the beginning.  I don’t see any heavy lumps, so I’m fairly certain that it’s mixed well — just heavily foamed.

Not kidding -- REALLY foamy.

So I take a sip through the foam and it’s good — it’s initially one of those tastes that I recognize but can’t place?  And I SOOO hate that.  But eventually I place it as close to watermelon Bubblicious gum.  Which is really pretty good.  But I think, even using the ice cold water out of my tap that it’s too warm so I chuck it in my freezer for about 10 minutes.

Still foamy

10 minutes later the foam has frozen, but it’s still VERY foamy (which I don’t really like) but the shake is tastier colder.  MUCH better cold.  This would be something I would like mixed with ice — and I don’t typically do the ice drink thing.

Of all the Inspire flavors so far, this is my absolute favorite, and would be the one I would buy again.  I like the flavor, and despite the very heavy foam (which yes is annoying — but I can deal), it doesn’t have a heavy protein taste at all.  I would totally suggest this for people who are having trouble with the milkier substances.

Nutritional Stats

All-in-all, this is a pretty decent protein from BE.  It’s a bit foamy, and a bit pricey — but those are the only real cons I see with this protein.  It’s got a good taste to it.

Available from Bariatric Eating, 14 scoops for 19.99

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  1. Katie says:

    I’m with you on this one. I loved the taste, but was not a fan of the foam. It’s really good if you toss a crystal light lemonade stick in with it. I bet it would also make yummy popsicles!

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