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On March 18, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

I’ve got two of the three impromptu meetups planned — with maybe a fourth?!? in the planning stages.  (You guys are insane, you know that, right?)

Friday night: James Joyce Irish Pub, around 8:30.
Beth (Melting Mama) and I should be done with our thing around 7:30 or 8:00, so I think 8:30 should give us plenty of time to meet up.  If you want, you can meet at the lobby at our hotel — the Marriott Waterfront, or meet at the Pub.  I’ve called and given a general headcount — but some more specifics would be helpful.  (Why yes, I AM anal retentive, how did you know?)

Saturday night: Open for discussion
We should be done around 7:00.

Sunday Brunch: Double T Diner in Catonsville, 12:30
As Beth will be flying out at a God-awful time in the morning, this will be a solo-event for me.  I know, try to contain your excitement.

Sunday Dinner: TBA, in Woodbridge, VA, TBA
This is my way home, so again, a solo event.  I’m guessing close to 4:00-4:30.

Rather than annoy OH with this, I’ll be updating the blog, facebook, and twitter.  If you need a contact point, check one of those three places.  Also, Jillybean and Nessa are POC’s for the Catonsville and Woodbridge events — so bug THEM if you have questions.

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