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I’m gonna get a bit sappy for a bit.  Forgive me — it’s directly due to a lack of sleep.  I’m hoping that another run to Starbucks will cure me of this!

I get told quite often how I’m an inspiration to them.  And I have to tell you — this baffles the living crap outta me.  I mean — really.  I am one of the quintessential Bariatric Bad Girls.  Beth and I already have our suites in Bariatric Hell picked out, and I’ve got an ocean-front view.  I drink coffee, carbonated beverages, energy drinks, and things with a straw.  I chew gum.  I eat popcorn.  I drink with my meals.  I don’t exercise like I should.  I eat sugar and chocolate and I’m not ashamed at the fact (a lemon loaf slice with my 6-shot venti skinny vanilla latte this mornin’ in fact — and yes, I’m well-aware of the calorie count — kthx).  And through it all — I am a Bariatric “success” — without actually having reached my pie-in-the-sky goal weight (and no, that won’t happen without a hoover, a meat cleaver, and a Pfaff).  I’ve had my share of ups (two kids?  those are huge ups!) and downs (hypoglycemia, hypotension, ulcers, unexplained gut pain?, migraines, online-people-that-can-kiss-my-ass).  But I’m here.

But this is what everyone does, too.  They get handed a bad deal, and they deal with it.  Plain and simple.  I’m no different than Joe, or Sue, or Linda.  I just happen to bitch about it enough that people know what’s shitty in my life.  Others?  Not so much.

But if you people insist on putting this ridiculous title on me, I figure I should at least try to do better.  I’ve not been exercising like I should, and so I’ve gotten off my ass and started my walking / jogging program again.  It’s not much, but it’s something.  I’ve started wearing my GoWearFit once again — and when I can figure out the newfangled screenshot software the husband put on the laptop (gotta love g33ks — they’re never happy with what WAS working, they’ve gotta tinker…) then I’ll show you what it looks like.  And this weekend, Beth and I will be going to FitBloggin where we get to play with another toy called Gruve.  I’ll be sure to post about it — kinda looks cool, maybe a bit like a cheaper GoWearFit just from what I’ve seen.

And so, here’s some inspirational music.  Anyone who’s been reading for ANY length of time know I’m a diehard g33k and make no apologies for it.  This is the theme song from the last Star Trek series (okay, stop that eyeball rolling RIGHT NOW — TRUST ME?).  Here’s a bit of a tidbit — this was SOOO controversial in g33kdom because *shock*gasp*faint* it had, get this, LYRICS.  (I know, the horror, eh?)  This is the longer version.  It was actually originally recorded by Rod Stewart for the Patch Adams soundtrack, but I don’t remember it from way back then so I only mention it for the non-g33ks to stop rolling their eyes.

So I guess I gotta thank you for your support as it’s helped to get me off my ass and exercising again — even though really think y’all are just nuts.

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5 Responses to “Inspiration.”

  1. Michelle says:

    Andrea, I just wanted to tell you that you are very brave for putting this info out here for all to see. I had RNY on 11/19 and already I find myself falling into alot of bad things, such as not exercising, eating the chocolate, drinking soda, chewing gum, using straws. Maybe some would say that isnt soo bad but when I only get 20 grams of protein in a day (and thats on a good day), never take my vits or minerals, and am now where near the amount of fluid I should be having, it makes what I am doing HORRIBLE. The plus is that the scale says I am down 75 lbs, and thats leaves me 36 lbs away from my goal. But I have to ask myself “am I healthy”?? I answer myself with “although I feel great and feel healthy I am not healthy and will only get worse if things don’t change”.
    So I just wanted to let you know that its great you are trying to make small changes to the things you feel you’re doing wrong. I hope I can find the willpower you have!!!

    Thanks for listening

  2. Valerie says:

    Thank you for sharing! I have not been exercising lately and that scale is reminding me of it. My eating has not been the best, so as I have been ignoring the little voice that is SCREAMING at me to use my tool to the fullest advanatage, your story hit home and was a big help. I have not seen you in a hwile as I myself have been absent. Life has been quite busy and I once again and forgetting to take care of me. Thanks for some ‘inspiration’ to get my butt moving!

  3. Andrea says:

    Well, there are many “rules” that I feel are plainly ridiculous. And I had this surgery to be “normal” rather than more of a freak. So with that said — I don’t think I have willpower at all. But there are some things I can do better and I am trying.

  4. Andrea says:

    April is a new month — and is right around the corner..

  5. Kathryn says:

    I am having my surgery next week. You are cool to post such honest thoughts….that’s pretty much why I signed up here.
    I have gout in my knee and exercise before surgery, well it is more than difficult. The video didn’t show up for me.
    I am more interested in the lab book????
    Encouragement thru my fears…oh help.

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