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Picture thanks to Carried Photography in Baltimore.

I remember before leaving how much I was looking forward to my mini mom-vacation.  Thursday was particularly stressful, so getting away was particularly nice.  But by Sunday afternoon — I was ready for the chaos of my life to be back.  I missed my little loud vikings and even the tall quiet one as well.  They even fixed (if you can call what is in my kitchen “fixed”) me some cake as a welcome home present.  It’s loaded with sugar so I will  have a touch of it and try to not have much more.  But it was a sweet thought.

Beth summarized many of my thoughts about Fitbloggin’s atmosphere regarding us — although people knew who she was.  I’m not surprised.  She’s been doing this for years, has many many more friends and fans on Facebook and Twitter than I do, etc.  She’s also a great deal more gregarious than I am — and that’s fine.  So no big shock that I didn’t get the “I’ve read you!” like she had throughout the conference.

But despite these feelings — I still got a ton out of the experience.  I don’t want anyone to think differently.

It reminded me of empathy.  I honestly felt back at 320 lbs in college, next door to all the 125-lb sorority sisters that wouldn’t speak to me unless they were doing a charity case.  No true kindness and only out of pity.  I hope that I will NEVER be that way to anyone of size.  EVER.  Because while I’m 5 years out, I have to remember where I came from and sometimes it’s easy to forget.  This helped to remind me.  And while that was NOT the purpose of this conference at all?  It did it.  There were some genuinely nice people there — and some there were feeling just as out of place as Beth and I were.  MM and AU were not alone in that regard.  But it seemed that us “loners” were in the minority compared the the “Gidget” types if you catch my drift.

But it also did put some things in a new light for me.  I’ve failed in some goals for myself regarding the blog.  I had set out to do some things for my own learning and to put out here and I let them fall by the wayside.  Which does me no good and does the readers no good.  So that’s gotta come to an end.

I’ve got so much going through my head right now — thoughts, ideas, questions.  I want to make the blog a better information resource for the WLS community.  And let’s make it clear — This is a blog FOR the WLS community.  But I need to figure out what direction to go and get on those tracks.  In order to do so, I’m going to have to do some thinking, broaden some horizons, make some changes, etc.  I now have a long-term plan, but need to figure a way to work it and execute the plan.

So please, feel free to let me know what you want to see, add to my list, etc.  This is for the community and thus I need to know what the community wants and needs.

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4 Responses to “Home”

  1. Jennette says:

    Gidget types, hee! I know what you mean. It was nice meeting you in person. I’m glad you came even if you felt left out at times.

  2. Andrea says:

    It was great meeting you as well :-)

  3. I’m not part of the WLS community, but I’ve been reading all the fitbloggin recaps, and yours kinda makes me sad. It sucks to go to a conference where you know no one and don’t feel like you fit in. Been there done that. I’m so glad you got some good things out of the conference though! If we both go next year I would love to meet you! :)

  4. Andrea says:

    Like I said — I got much out of this conference — some that wasn’t intended at all. And everything is helpful if put into the correct perspective (which I plan on doing). If I wanted to put it in a negative light, I easily could (“They all sucked like a Dyson and I’ll never go back!”) but that’s not me. I can generally find *something* good out of everything.. even the suckiest of every situation. Including this one.

    So let’s see where we are next year and go from there, eh?

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