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Vanilla Latte Click

So I have Vanilla Latte Click, finally.  After some drama concerning the USPS, some miscommunication, and a strange email?  I have it.  And of course?  Yes, a review.  I’m so easy.

For any of my #fitbloggin friends that might be reading this — this is not the same Click you got in your Swag bags.  This is a new flavor that will be released on Amazon on March 24th.  The flavor YOU got was Mocha — a flavor that’s been out for quite some time and that I reviewed here.  It’s good – try it if you are as addicted to caffeine as I am.

In any case, this is my morning caffeine fix, so here we go.

All mixed up and somewhere to go!

When I opened the packet, it smelled much like the powdered coffee mixes in the little tins?  You know what I’m talking about?  So it was a nice, pleasant smell immediately.

Mixing up generally is best in a Blender Ball bottle.  It helps to get the clumps out.  My first review of Click wasn’t in a Blender bottle and I remember the clumps.  It wasn’t horrible, but this is very, very smooth in comparison.  No clumps at all.

Now onto smell — it smells like strong coffee.  Remember that it has espresso IN it.  This IS caffeinated.  Do not forget that fact.  Taste is not quite as strong as the Mocha is, but it is still pretty strong.  It is a strong coffee flavor, not like a vanilla latte at the Buxx at all.  This is a STRONG coffee drink with a *hint* of vanilla flavoring.  In fact, it’s in need of a bit of Splenda for me (not surprising since I’m a Splenda-whore) so I add one and immediately love it all that much more.

If you do not like strong coffee, you will not fall for Click.  Period.  You can mix it with other things using half the amount to tone it down (1 scoop rather than two for a hint — 1 scoop gives you 7 1/2 g protein, added to a scoop of 20g protein shake?  not bad) and you might get a toned-down coffee drink.  But by itself, 2 scoops of Click, even this vanilla flavor is still very strong.  It is not a frilly-frappacino-type drink.  It is espresso, and it does not apologize for that fact.

Now for the WLSers that are concerned about the protein — yes, this isn’t the best protein for us out there.  But that doesn’t mean you won’t get some benefit out of it if you want to have it once a day in addition to your other protein sources.  Would I use it exclusively for my protein needs?  NO.  But you are also talking to.. err.. reading someone who typically does 2-3 protein drinks a day.  So one that isn’t quite the best quality a day is not going to kill me or my protein score (which is consistently in the 7′s).

Nutritional Info

So if you are a Click fan already, or aren’t but love coffee and are looking for a protein to try, I’d consider giving this one a “shot” (heh, I couldn’t help myself..).

Vanilla Click can be pre-ordered at Amazon, where it goes on sale on March 24th.  A canister has 14 servings and runs anywhere from $18-$23 based on if you sign up for monthly reorder, where you buy it, etc.

And if you’ve made it down this far, be on the lookout in the next couple of days as there will be a contest announced shortly to celebrate the arrival of Vanilla Latte.  I’m still working out the details, but there’s something in the works.

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