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As you’ve seen, the folks at Gruve gave us a unit at Fitbloggin10, which the hubby quickly took over and is now blogging about.  I’ve been wearing a competitor product, the GoWear Fit for quite some time now, and thought I would do a post about it since he’s going to be going over that device in detail.

To begin with, there are three pieces of the puzzle.  Two are absolute requirements, and one is an accessory that I absolutely needed.

The absolutes are the armband (as you see pictured above) that is worn throughout the day and night (except in water — it’s good, but not that good!) and a computer.  The armband is worn on the left arm, connected to the bicep.  This is where it gets all of it’s information through two metal contacts on the back.  Despite the fact that my batwings are squished by the armband, it’s not terribly uncomfortable.  The unit itself comes out of the holder in the armband and connects via a mini-USB cable (please note — mini, not micro) to charge and to transfer information between the unit and the computer.

The display device is extra, but in my view absolutely essential.  As the GoWear Fit unit itself does not tell you what you are doing at any given moment in time without taking it off and connecting to the computer, this provides a user interface to see what your progress is.

Moderate Activity

Vigorous Activity

Yesterday's Stats


Trip counter

I keep my device, or as the kids call it my “clock” in my pocket all day.  It has a little clip on the back of it for the few times that I don’t have a pocket.  I have to say that there are few things I don’t like about this system and the plastic clips on the display device are one of them.  There is also a watch piece that comes with the display — but it’s large, bulky, and pretty ugly so I never wear it.

This is all well and good — but the biggest part is the computer information.  This is where GWF shines.

Overview Screen

As you can see, the overview screen already gives you a ton of information after you sync up your unit.  But beyond that, each one of those sections expands down to give you even more information about your activity.

Calories Burned

And specifically, you can check to see how many you burned in a very specific time-frame.  For example, I went for a walk/jog, so I want to see how many calories that walk had:

And the answer is..

Now, I don’t write down my foods.  I have been doing this long enough to know about how much I’m eating so I really don’t NEED to journal.  But this gives you the place to do so if you want to / need to do so:

Food logging

Which, if you were logging, would leave you with a calorie deficit — you hope:

Next up is Physical Activity.  This is pretty cool as it breaks down the vigorous and moderate activity in the course of your day.


(and yes, I do get up in the middle of the night — I have kids, yannow)

Now — here’s where it gets a bit.. scary.  It also analyzes your sleeping habits.  Which is frightening.  But let me tell you — is why I got sleeping meds last year.

The dark blue areas are where I got good sleep where the light blue areas are not.  And yes — I did take a nap in the afternoon.  Thanks for noticing!

And finally, the weight chart.  This is perhaps, the most depressing part for me as I don’t ever hit the goals set by the company.  I don’t hit along the curve at all cause my metabolism is shot by the surgery.

Obviously, this isn’t going to be perfect, but it’s still helpful.

I like this little unit because it helps to keep me from sitting on my butt ALL day long.  It’s nice to see what I do burn while being a stay at home mom of two little ones, walking around the neighborhood.. but also what I can do to help boost my calorie burn in small ways.  It’s an invaluable tool in this regard.

I think anyone who is truly serious about losing weight but is having difficulty doing so needs to invest in something to help them see what they are truly doing in their everyday lives.

The BodyMedia device can be purchased here. or at Amazon.  It’s not cheap.  But I think it is well worth the cash for the unit, the display, and the monthly service fee.

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10 Responses to “BodyMedia – GoWear Fit”

  1. healthinsurancebitch says:

    I’d love to try one of these devices but I highly doubt the band will fit on my arm. =(

  2. Andrea says:

    The medium bands are pretty ample.. but they do sell a large armband as well.
    I could send you a medium to try (I just bought two replacements because my original JUST died… :-( and you could try the medium to see how it works if you want? I know where you work ;-)

  3. rny_alison says:

    I haven’t used mine since last year — I only had a 3-month subscription at the time.

    Your post inspired me! I am going to renew my subscription and start wearing it again, at least for a couple of months to see what I am burning these days.

  4. Nessa says:

    I’m really thinking of getting one of these….

  5. [...] Take some time to read more about the system and how it works over at the Body Media site and my review before you enter the contest.  If nothing else, take a gander at the cool new skins BodyMedia has [...]

  6. Becky says:

    I love it – I think I would benefit most from the sleeping habit study. I have terrible troubles at night – for years off and on and am on lorazepam at present. Sometimes, I sleep in the day and feel so guilty, but I feel my body needs it. I am only 3 months out and expected to have more energy, but at times – I just need sleep.
    I am also a techno – geek, so it’s right up may alley.

  7. Anniep59 says:

    This is a must have for a woman of the 21st century.
    OMG I just got a cell phone with keyboard so I can text now LOL
    This is a must have for me and my journey to better health.

  8. Joelsette says:

    Question- how long does this take for you to sync?

  9. Andrea says:

    A minute, maybe 2. I tend to sync it while I’m showering so it can get some charge time going, though.

  10. psualum69 says:

    I just received my BodyMedia Fit, and it now support wireless Bluetooth with my Droid. Just two days in, and I am amazed by the information gathered by this technology. I can look at my phone via the app and see exactly what I’ve burned/eaten in real time! ! ! ! I absolutely love it, and know that it will help me reach my health goals. Yes, it’s expensive, but it is worth every penny!

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