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Just another day in the life of me.

Yeah, sorry about the quality.  I wasn’t planning on needing my good camera.  Or having my picture made.  Or.  Well.  Ending up in the hospital?

So the knife-in-the-gut pain?  It started on noon again on Monday and Would. Not. Die.  I had been pretty patient for me and called the GI doc and said “move my appointment up.  Now.” and they did to Tuesday.

Luckily (or not?) I was still in the throes of knife-in-gut-pain that had not ever ended from the day before when he saw me.  So guess what?  An no-expense paid visit to the local hospital.  With the kids in tow as the husband was an hour away still at work.  So fun, eh?

And how’s this for a NSV (non-scale victory for you non-WLS folk reading.. and yes, I know there’s a few of you out there.. stop in and say hi! every once in awhile instead of just stalking, kay?) — They only had a plus-sized wheelchair, which I have not needed for quite some time.  So when I sat in it, there was enough room for the girl-child to sit beside me and we had PLENTY of room between us to ride up in style.  I shoulda gotten a picture of THAT but the admit clerk didn’t look hip to it.

So yeah.  Fun times.

Redid the CT — which included a different kind of contrast:

Looks good? Think again.

Now, I know what you’re thinking — it doesn’t look as hideous as the Barium that I had to drink for the first CT, that this actually looks appetizing.  I know you’re thinking it cause I did too.  And even the kids thought this juice looked good as well.

IT WASN’T.  If a cup could lie?  That is a lie right there.  Go ahead, go look at it again and see how innocent it looks.  Know that it’s lying.  I would have rather had 2 bottles of the white contrast than this cup.  I swear.  It was bad.

So CT.

Now, is it a bad sign that the nurses push pain meds on you when you’re sleeping because “you were making pain faces in your sleep”?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.. but I wouldn’t take the Demerol they had ordered because Andrea and Demerol do not mix.  I had it when I was in 2nd grade and pulled a light off the wall.  And when they gave it to me during an EGD?  It took me over 12 hours to wake up.  So I was not willingly going to take more.

We work out another option and between the beeps of the IV, the vitals check, etc I get about 3 hours sleep.  And then wait for my EGD in the morning.

Doc comes in, tells me CT is clear.  Expects EGD is going to be clear as well, but still plans on doing it.  Will be discharging me after EGD and wants to see me on Friday.  Will be sending me home with meds.  Wants to put me back on an antidepressant (which I went off of because the Topamax doesn’t play well with SSRI’s).  Asked if maybe I was detoxing off my headache meds (narcotics)?  Which is, by the way, no, because I’ve not taken any in quite some time.

And yes, the EGD is clear.  As expected.  Back to thinking adhesions.  AGAIN.

So now I have Xanax (which puts Andrea out in about 5 minutes..  won’t be taking that during the day…), Bentyl (which is an IBD medicine for “spasms”) and instructions to take my pain meds as needed for my gut.  Which I plan to avoid because, well, I plan to avoid EATING.

So the upshot is that I will be doing lots of protein shake reviews!

The downside is that we still have no fucking clue what’s wrong with me.  Other than I’m broken.  Even more.

But really, what’s new about that?

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5 Responses to “Frustration.”

  1. Great. And nobody looks into your OLD Gut?

  2. Andrea says:

    Yeah. Not yet. I’ll see what he says tomorrow, and go from there.

  3. Pam says:

    Well at least you had a cute hairdo for the group pic. Hope somebody figures out what’s going on so you can have some relief!

  4. Andrea says:

    Yeah? Like the Pipi braids?

  5. Teresa says:


    I am so sorry they still have not found out where yur pains are coming from.. sounds like they have no clue.. I assume they have consulted your bariatric surgeon on all this.. looks like they might investigate the old tummy to see if there are ulcers there or something else there.. I have no clue …but I am so sorry you are going thru all this with no relief exept pain meds which isnt great when you have kids to take care of..
    As a RNY gal it scares me to death to think something ike this could happen and they say they see nothing wrong and send you home..
    As far as the cup of good looking dyed water.. well it looks like the blue chips we had to take to check for leaks after surgery and for the scan.. it looked very inocent but man that was the worst tasting stuff I have ever had.. gag bad…
    By the way.. I love the NSV.. yeah it would have been a great picture.. but the moment will be in your mind forever as a wow one..
    I will keep you in my prayers for some relief and a finding they can take care of..

    Teresa S

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