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Okay.  I’ve been patient.  I’ve been good.  I’ve behaved.  Now I’m getting a bit unhinged.  And not in the trainwreck-that-is-delightfully-funny-to-watch variety.

Today was my followup appointment with my GI about all the crap I’ve been going through.  Well.  Actually, it was supposed to be yesterday in Lousiburg, NC.  At 3:30.

Clearly this says Louisburg. Right?

So okay.  The staff is flexible, fax my records over, get me checked in.  Not a problem.  They love me at both offices (Well, they love my kids.  One office wants to take the girl-child shoe shopping and fights for hugs and kisses with the boy-child; the other office plays unicorns and gives candy — but not gum! — to the kids and lets them rearrange their waiting areas and laughs as they do so) and both fight for my appointments.  So this doesn’t seem to be such a hardship.  “Which office do you want your followup at?  Here?”  “Sure.”  “I knew you loved us best!”

Go in, weigh — and btw?  This scale weighs me 1.5 lbs less WITH MY CLOTHES ON.  I am about to steal it.  I weigh 186 fully clothed at their office.  Imagine me nekkid.  Well.  No.  Don’t.  Cause then you’ll need one of these –

From -- yes, they have EVERYTHING

But you get my point.

So doc comes in.  And keep in mind — yes, I trust this doc.  He actually GETS my guts.  He understands malabsorption and the such.

Reiterates that CT was clear.  AGAIN.  Reiterates that EGD was clear.  AGAIN.  Asks if I’m still having problems with eating.  To which I say no because?  I’m not eating.  (And I’m serious.  I’m avoiding it.  It’s a damned good thing I am an RNY patient who believes in protein products post-op cause this wasn’t a big hardship to switch back to liquid nutrition.)

His thoughts?  Stress.

Yes, I’m serious.

I’ll let that one sit for a moment.

Stress.  Stress is putting a knife in my guts when I try to eat.

Cue Jeopardy music, cause it’s still taking me awhile to get a question that is getting me to this answer.

Yes, it could still be adhesions.  But I’ve been down this road before.  And when we went down this road, I couldn’t eat (umm.. similar to like NOW?) for 3-4 months.  Which makes me wonder if maybe it wasn’t adhesions in the first place?  But yeah, it’s possible.

And yes, it could be a small bowel obstruction.. but you’d think that it would show up on one of the TWO CT’s I’ve had in the past month..?

Or any number of other conditions?

If it were an ulcer, it should have responded to the VERY MASSIVE DOSE of PPIs I’ve gotten.. including the massive IV dosing I got in the hospital, yes?  Even the remnant would be showered in them that way.

So yeah — stress.

So he wants me to go back on an anti-depressant.  Which is tricky because I take Topamax for my headaches.

For those who don’t know, Topamax has many, many, many, many, many, many, many drug interactions.  In fact, I was on Paxil for my low blood pressure and for my headaches when I went on Topamax originally.  I’d take the Topamax at night and the Paxil in the morning.  Keep in mind, the Topamax was first starting, so a very low dose of 25mg (I’m now on 150mg).  Within 20 minutes of taking the Paxil in the morning?  I’d be asleep.  So when I say many, many drug interactions that Topamax has?  I’m not kidding.  I had to cold turkey Paxil — and that’s not exactly the sanest thing to do.  I think hubby wanted to leave me those weeks.  So finding an anti-depressant that works with Topamax?  Probably not likely.

And then he scripts me this:

Xanax. Fun!

So I took one of these on Wednesday.  A full one, cause, well?

10 minutes later, I was drooling on the couch.  And he wants me to take 2 a day?  That would be fun — for the kids!

To be fair, one of the meds given is an anti-spasmodic to see if that helps.. it’s not ALL in my head.  Just most of it.

So yeah.  Here I sit.  With the diagnosis of “stress”, the script of “continue your jogging!”, “continue your job!” (he liked me working from home.. I now have a ‘real’ purpose), “Advance your diet S L O W L Y,” and “take your meds.”

And I wait.  Again.

If, after a month, we still don’t see much improvement, I get an appointment with the surgeon to see what he says.

So again, upside?  More protein shake reviews!  (If I didn’t look for an upside, I’d go insane.)

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5 Responses to “Stress?”

  1. Drooling on the couch sounds fun. Can I have one? I’m up to 200 mg Topamax. *tingle twitch* Is the stabbing still there?

  2. Andrea says:

    I avoid eating, so I really don’t know. I’ll let you know tomorrow night (after I have to eat dinner.. in public no less…)

  3. Andrea says:

    I do have a wonderful burning, aching pain with liquids and on empty, though..

  4. Teresa says:

    Oh Andrea how frustrating.. I really wish there was something they would do besides tell you it is stress.. There has to be an answer other than that… Stress can play a big part in medical issues, but pains that are not letting you eat just does not seem like stress issues.. Anti depresants with Topamax are not going to work with you functioning at all.. I took Topamax for quite some time.. not at the levels you are at only 50 mg but they did help with the migrains and I loved it until I had to go on depression meds.. Can you say sleepy.. can you say unconscious.. I had to finally make a decision on what I chose to take and I chose the depression meds.. I still suffer with migrains but they are much better and the depression meds are letting me function.. so, as being there and done that I fuly understand your delima with the drugs.. lets just add some more stess to Andrea… it sounds like you are going to have to call the doc and tell him that the new meds are not working out.. They seem to think if you keep working and living your life that this will just go away.. huh.. wonder why you didnt think of that before spending so much on medical bills.. Doctors can be so frustrating and when they dont have the answer it always seems to fall back on stress or a mental issue.. Dont give up on this.. keep after them.. there is clearly something wrong and it needs to be found… I am praying for you..

  5. Julie says:

    OMG – I had the same thing happen to me a few months ago. I went through EGD, MRI & CAT SCAN – ALL FREAKIN CLEAR. “picture perfect pouch” They also put me on Carafate and Nexium, didn’t help. My Gastro told me it was “all in my head.” which of course, got me to crying before the mad took over. It was very real. I was scared it would hit while driving…then what? I’m so sorry you are experiencing this horrid excruciating pain, I do know what you are going through and hope it stops soon for you.

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