Food Police

On April 11, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

Protein, protein, and more protein.

Okay.  The WLS world is all aflutter.

You’ve got the OMG HOW COULD THEY?’s, the OMG GIMME’s, and the Meh’s.  Well.  And you’ve got me — “OUCH!” but that’s just cause I’m broken.  If I weren’t, I think I’d fall in the Meh category.  Maybe I’d try it, maybe I wouldn’t.

So let’s put this out here — I. Don’t. Do. Vegetables.  AT ALL.  No, really.  My stoma doesn’t like 90% of them.  Fruits either.  It’s picky.  And this is on a good day.  What do I live on?  Protein.  And what you see above?  Is what I’d consider a normal meal.  Although I’d get it with bread.  It’s not special.  It’s not icky (although it looks like a sauce?  It would have to go in my world.  Andrea doesn’t do sauces.)

“But Andrea?  You had a surgery to change the way you live!  Don’t you want to eat well and have a healthy life?”

Well, my cholesterol is well within normal range, I take vitamins because I *don’t* absorb vitamins from food anyway (and neither do *normal RNYers either*) and the bit that I’d eat?  Won’t kill me if I eat it once in awhile and in moderation.

See, I had surgery to eat normally.  I did not have surgery to eat like a freak — although I have to say that’s a huge #fail.  But a normal person WOULD EAT THIS.  A normal person has bread.  Has pizza.  Has chocolate.  Has candy.  Has a diet Coke.  Has coffee.  Just in moderation.  Rather than eat 3/4 of a pizza, I can have 2 slices.  Rather than have this every day, or even the entire thing, I can have half, maybe once or twice total.

I’m over five years out.  I’m not only maintaining, but before I wasn’t eating?  I was losing.  Still.  So you could say I’m maintaining my weight.  And no I wouldn’t forbid this or anything else (except broccoli and apples) from my diet.

I don’t need, nor want someone sitting telling me what to eat, how to eat.  How horrible it is that I’m eating this, wanting that.  It’s condescending bullshit.  Especially when it comes from someone that’s not even a year out.  Hello, come see me in a few years, okay?

Remember also there are some surgery types in which high fat content?  IS NOT ABSORBED.  The duodenal switch looks at this and says WOAH!  LOVE.  The DS does not absorb 80% of the fat they consume.  Not at all.  As in it doesn’t even hit their bloodstream.  Nada.  It can’t affect their cholesterol levels.  It can’t affect their weight.  It cannot affect their health.  It doesn’t bother them.  In fact — it can break their stalls!  How’s that for a kick in the pants?  So RNYers telling the DS folks how horrible this is for them?  Just are speaking out of ignorance.  Because this isn’t bad for them.

There are times to be a sanctimonious bitch.  A KFC bowl 3 days out when it could disrupt your staple line?  YES.  This when you are on solid foods and in moderation?  NO.

Hrm.  I wonder of Carafate, Xanax, and Bentyl will all work in combination…

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13 Responses to “Food Police”

  1. Stacy says:

    I would totally eat that IF i could tolerate the grease. Grease (deep fried stuff) is the one thing I can’t eat anymore. My body allows me to have just about everything else with the exception of fresh veggies.

  2. Andrea says:

    There’s a grilled version! No fuss. No muss. No food police.

  3. Stacy says:

    Yay for a grilled version. I know what to get know when my boys want KFC next time. Sounds like it would be yummy with some coleslaw :)

  4. Bridget says:

    I agree. I had surgery to eat like a normal person. I think this looks pretty yummy. Although, I wouldn’t be able to eat it all… 1/3 of it would taste good and I would probably be full for quite some time.

    On another note… I really wish I would have had the DS and not the RNY. Just my own personal wish.

  5. Andrea says:

    Join the DS-envy club.

  6. I WILL be eating it, sans the WTF sauce, and much of the breading or grilled. :)

  7. Lisa says:

    Another reason why I *love* my DS! But would I eat it? Maybe the grilled version. I could probably only get 1/3 of it down before I was full. My gut doesn’t like delicious fried breading despite me trying to convince it otherwise. Plus I try to keep my daily carbs under 50 so while I am sure the fried chicken version is delicious I sadly can not partake.

  8. Debra Kay says:

    I wouldn’t be able to eat the whole thing (thanks to the lap band) but I’d give it a try.

    I don’t cook. I can, I just don’t like to. That means, for me, I have to learn to live with road food-I could totally eat that, or a part of it.

  9. Becky says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmm – I would do it grilled or fried, ha ha, it was so funny reading that thread on OH

  10. Nessa says:

    Not sure I could eat it yet…. but I bet later on I just might…

  11. MacMadame says:

    I guess I’m weird because I think it looks disgusting and am not tempted to eat it at all. I wouldn’t have eaten it pre-op either.

  12. wendybear1 says:

    I take one look at that and feel queasy. I can’t do fried things. Even the smell of fried foods makes me feel ill.

    If you can tolerate it, go for it. KFC just seems like the bottom of the barrel for me. I probably ate too much of it growing up. Like at least once every week or two. All I remember is the grease.

    I’ve done the grilled chicken strips at Jack in the Box. Those are pretty tasty. I can’t eat a whole serving of them at one time, but they do taste good.


  13. Andrea says:

    It’s all hype — it wasn’t all that it’s been made out to be. But it wasn’t horrible, either. Would I crave this? No. Would I go out of my way to have another one? No. But did I feel guilt-ridden shame or elation while eating it? No.

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