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On April 12, 2010, in Protein, Reviews, by Andrea

Looks. Um. Unflavored.

So I just reviewed the Mix1 anti-oxident drink dark-berry.  And while it’s got some protein in it?  I really should have some more.  So I decided to go ahead and review this packet of unflavored whey isolate I got from All the Whey at the same time.  For the record, I did the Mix1 review first without adding the packet of whey isolate so my review there was untainted.  I then put a bit of the mix1 in a cup, put the rest in a shaker cup and chunked this packet in the shaker cup and gave it a good shake.

All shook up.

The reason I left some unmolested in a cup was so I could taste to see if there really was a difference in taste.  But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Sometimes when I get samples, I get them free.  And I let y’all know that.  It doesn’t change whether I do a negative review or a positive review — I haven’t changed my view one way or another.  I like to believe that I’ll never change (and really, hit me if you think I’ve changed).

But many, many, many, many times I purchase samples or products without telling the companies I plan to blog about their products.  I like to do this because I feel the process is more like what ANYONE would get versus this strange new world of what a “blogger” would get (and I’ve gotta tell you.. I’m still finding it strange to think that bloggers have this strange bit of power or notoriety.  The mind fairly boggles..).

So anyway, All the Whey was a purchase.  And I gotta tell you, it was an interesting experience all the way (hah hah!) around.  First off, I wanted the ability to try as many flavors as possible.  Doing a search, I saw that they had an ebay auction up and going — and they stated in the auction that if someone wanted to try all of the flavors, to just state it in the comments, pay for two, and they could do so.  So I sent an email to the company, asking if I could do something similar just with their online store.  No answer.  So I called — and got quite the curt answer — “We don’t do ebay anymore.”  Um. Well, I saw it, but oh well.  He did tell me how to get “all” of the flavors.  However, after placing my order, it turns out that whey concentrate had an additional 4-6 flavors that whey isolate did NOT have — something which completely counterdicted what he said over the phone.  Oh well.  I’d deal with the 12 flavors I had ordered.  This was the first week in March.  Two weeks pass and nothing.  So I check my email, said there’s a way to check your order — I follow the directions and it says my order cannot be found.  I email the company — no answer.  I call, leave a voicemail (during normal business hours, by the way), and four hours later I call back to get the same rude guy who tells me that if I had only read the webpage? That I would have seen they had production problems and would be shipping out product 3-4 weeks AFTER purchase.  So I share that I purchased first week in March, and so I should expect next week?  “No, beginning of April.”  What?

I finally got it last week, and while it’s superbly packaged, looks like good product, I can’t say much for the customer service, speed of shipment, etc.  I called the company three times, got a rude asshole twice, was ignored once.  Emailed the company twice and was never replied to either time.  These are not ways to grow your business.

And what’s worse is that this company will resell their protein with a company’s label on it.  So if Andrea were buying samples to sell the WLSVitagarten protein?  This would NOT be the way to impress upon her that you want to be her distributor.  At all.  Cause?  It COULD happen.  I’ve been thinking of ways to monetize my blog, and THIS is a possibility.  But I wouldn’t think about it with a company that doesn’t return calls or emails promptly.

Moving on.

In comparing the two samples of the drink — before adding the protein and after — the protein-added product is actually sweeter, and of course thicker.  I like it BETTER than the original.  Which is nice because it’s better for me now.  It, of course, adds to the foam factor, but that’s common with whey isolates.

Of course, without flavoring, the stats are pretty good:


So at least in a flavored drink, this worked out pretty well.  As long as you don’t need customer service or aren’t in a hurry?  It might be worth trying this as your unflavored protein.

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4 Responses to “All the Whey – Unflavored Whey Isolate”

  1. Melissa Stevens says:

    I had a bad experience with GNC unflavored right after surgery so I can barely stand to think about any unflavored protein.

    And any company with that craptastic service doesn’t deserve anyone’s money

  2. [...] ago, I reviewed All The Whey’s unflavored whey protein — and their wonderful *insert snark* customer service skills that I experienced.  While [...]

  3. Jeremy says:

    I have had similar customer service problems with All The Whey. I love their product, but I hate dealing with their customer service reps. They are total jerks.

  4. Andrea says:

    They are supposedly under new management now, so I am hoping their CS skills will improve.

    One can dream, at least.

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