Food Police, pt 2

On April 13, 2010, in Reviews, by Andrea

There it is.

Okay.  So I took double meds so I could try this sucker — partly just to piss off the Food Police, and partly because I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype.

It did not.

So it is fairly small compared to what I was expecting.  If I had to guesstimate, I’d say each chicken breast (and it was white meat, was not formed, actual chicken breast) was 3-4 oz.  I don’t do sauces so I had them leave the mayo-ish mystery sauce off.  It had the two chicken breasts, 2 pieces of pepper-jack cheese, and 2 pieces of bacon.

It was not nearly as greasy as I expected.  Perhaps because it was made fresh because I had it without the special sauce?

It’s a chicken sandwich, people.  That’s all.  Nothing special.  The cheese made it a bit spicy to have without a drink.  And yeah, normally I do drink with my meals — but I didn’t because I the meds were already starting to make me woozy and didn’t want to get up.  But it’s not anything special.  It’s not spectacular.  Not orgasmic.  Not something I’d long for, or die for, or even go out of my way for again.

The worst part?  It’s hard to eat.  It’s thick.  It’s dense with two pieces of chicken.  So my bites were tiny.  More than once I thought about taking it apart and using a knife and fork.

I didn’t finish it all — but came damned close.  It’s really not the monster that people are making it out to be.

And then?  Because I took all the meds to help me eat?  I crashed.  Hard.  On the couch.  For about an hour.  Not kidding.  That’s the price I pay to eat solid food.  Bentyl plus Xanax plus Andrea == ZZzzz’s.

So will I get this again?  Probably not.  Unless I’m in the mood to piss off the Food Religious Right.  But just because I am hungry?  No.  Because it was not special, was difficult to eat, and I would have rather have used a knife and fork — which precludes it as a sandwich to me.  But it DID keep me full until the end of the night — and for me?  That’s a shiny win.  It doesn’t happen often anymore.  So that’s a plus.

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