One of my good buddies, Amy C. got her order of Calcets in.  She got some lemons and some chocolates in, and when she heard I hadn’t tried the chocolates?  She packaged me up 3 and stuck them in the mail to me.  I got them today.  So thanks go to Amy C for this delicious posting!

I got these and it’s a bit warm out.  So keep in mind they are a bit squishy from being in the sun and warmth.  Which was fine, but just keep in mind if you see some dents.

It LOOKS like chocolate...

In opening up the package, it looks like a chocolate square of goodness.  I mean, this is what you see.  Pretty good looking, eh?

A bit of a shell..

Just like with the lemon Calcet chews, there is a bit of a shell around the center.  I imagine if these had been kept at room temp, the shell would have been a bit more solid.  As it is, it’s a soft, gooey coating.

And the taste?  Given that these are a bit warm?  WARM BROWNIE.  I swear to whatever floats your boat.  No, I’m not kidding.  They aren’t gritty like the BA chocolate chews are.. but are smooth and very rich like an iced brownie.  These are wonderful.  And a VERY easy way to get your calcium down.


Now I know some people will throw a gasket at the 35 calories or 4g of sugars per 500g of calcium.  For a baby post-op, maybe this is a ton for you.  But for me?  Not so much.  This is a drop in the bucket, and if it means that some people will actually, you know, TAKE THEIR CALCIUM?  I’m all for it.

These are a bit pricier than other forms of calcium, especially Citracal pills.  But as a treat or as a supplemental supplement, then it’s not that bad at all.  These run about 40c each, depending on where you get them.

All-in-all, a wonderful supplement.  I love the taste, would buy more if I didn’t need 4 a day and would eat them like candy, and think others should give them a chance.

Available at Bariatric Advantage, Celebrate, and BJ’s Bariatrics.

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  1. melting mama says:

    Licks the screen.

  2. Andrea says:

    Um.. go for it. But I won’t pay for a replacement.

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