NSV Winner!

On April 21, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

Lynn B says:

Hey!! New gym addict here – up at 5am to hit the gym five days a week. M-W-F is 30 minutes of cardio and then Life Fitness circuit training. T-T is 60 minutes of cardio – talk about sweating!!

Now that the weather is nice I’ve added in a 1.25 mile walk at lunch time to – I love getting up and getting it done – then I feel energized for the rest of the day and I don’t have to try to juggle evening activities to “Squeeze” exercise in. Everything after 7am is a bonus!

Congrats on the jogging !!


Congrats, Lynn!  You win a great shirt from Thriv!

Let’s see what I can dig up next to give away….

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2 Responses to “NSV Winner!”

  1. Lynn B says:

    Yippee, yippee, yippeeeeeeeeee. Thank you so much Andrea – I’m gonna be styln’ at the gym now!!

  2. Lynn B says:

    Hi Andrea – I never did get your email. Could you resend?

    Thanks, Lynn

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