OH Event Discounts

On April 22, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

So you’re thinking of coming to an OH event?

Wanna sweeten the deal?  How about a discount code?

Normal tickets are $60 for the full weekend.  If you use my discount code for any of the 3 conferences, then you’ll save $25 and get your ticket for only $35!  That’s a pretty decent savings.  And if enough of you want to see me?  Then I can prove to my husband that I should go to the TX event.

Links for each event are below.  The promo code is already included, but just in case?  It’s “vitagarten” — share with your friends, family, support groups, complete strangers…  err..  (Hey, I REALLY need a vacation .. working trip to Texas..)


OH Cincinnati – August 20th and 21st

I wanna come! Help me out here!

OH Houston – November 5th and 6th

I won’t be the only Bad Bariatric Girl in attendance..  Of course Melting Mama will be there.  And there is rumor that Eggface will show up to one of the events..  Perhaps even Sarahlicious?  So c’mon.  You know you wanna come.  I’ll even let you play with my vitamins.

If you go to the above links, it does not autofill the discount code (which it should…?).  The code is “Vitagarten” and you’ll get your $25 off.

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5 Responses to “OH Event Discounts”

  1. melting mama says:

    Skank drew a line through me.

  2. Andrea says:

    The WordPress editor sucks many times. Like NOW.

  3. melting mama says:

    No – that was freaking funny!

  4. Carlea says:

    If there was only a discount/deal/freebie for airfare and hotel, I’d be there! I can imagine these conferences are really motivating. Maybe one will come to Portland, OR some day. :)

  5. Andrea says:

    A girl can dream? In fact, I think that would rock. Or Seattle? Cause everyone knows that we turn into caffeine crackheads post-op…

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