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It seems our days have become increasingly packed with events as we juggle family, work, and fitness leaving less time to focus on eating right throughout the day.

There are many nutritional products claiming to deliver amazing benefits but in reality fall short on balanced nutrition. With this in mind, we started mix1 with the following mission: to create the highest quality all-natural products that promote health, wellness and performance through truly functional nutrition.

mix1 products deliver all-natural balanced nutrition with multiple benefits in a convenient way. We use the right balance of ingredients, at efficacious levels, to provide the maximum benefit to your body.

Dr. James, ND, co-founder

Someone was talking about how great this stuff was, so I looked up the company.  I decided to drop them a line about their product and they sent me a few samples to try.  In no way did they pay me for the review (other than giving me some yummy stuff!) and they did not ask for anything in return.  Well, other than my honest opinion.  I suppose that counts?  And if you’ve been reading me for awhile — honesty is something that I come by fairly easily.

A jog happened tonight, and thus a protein shake is in my future.  I chose this, which isn’t exactly a protein shake, but it’s all good anyway.

This is similar to the dark-berry shake that I sampled not long ago in that it’s more of a fiber / anti-oxidant drink versus a high-protein drink.  Don’t get me wrong — it has 9g of whey protein isolate in 115 calories, so it comes close to “Andrea’s math for a protein product.”  See, to fit my idea of a perfect protein product, I want the protein grams to hit 10% of the calories.  To do that, it would need 11.5g of protein.  So pretty damned close.  And considering this has fiber (something EVERY RNY patient needs more fiber in their diet) and the stuff from fruits and veggies that I can’t eat?  Score.  Shiny, happy win for me.

This is not a thick smoothie at all, and you can tell.  The taste is a bit watery, and it’s not full-bodied at all.  It’s not horrible.. but I am really a flavor-lover.  If this is something I was drinking a large amount of, I’d add Splenda to it to give it a bit more flavor.  (Yeah, I know, completely ruining the “no additives” angle!  Sue me — I’m a Splenda-whore!)

I DO like the stats, though.


In looking at this, it contains REAL sugar.  But keep in mind, it doesn’t have a HUGE amount of it.  If you dump on fruit sugars, or a small amount of real sugar, then maybe you should be careful with it.  But this isn’t a HUGE amount of sugar for anyone in my opinion, especially when you are getting so much fiber and stuff in comparison.  Add some unflavored protein to this and it’s a great protein source as well.

Mix1 is available in a number of places — online through Amazon, and I’ve even seen it at grocery stores like Kroger.  At Amazon, a 12-pack sells for $25.00, making them just over $2 each.  Really cheap for a RTD drink.

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