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When I got word of this giveaway, well, I was blown away.  I got the email.  Read it again.  Then actually did a little dance in the hotel room I was staying at in Savannah in front of my mother.

While she’s used to odd things from me, this was a bit odder than the usual.

And then I explained.  And she offered to take the Giveaway off my hands for me.  It’s that good.  (Yes, I know, I’m stringing this out just a tad.)

Because of the value of this item, we’re going to do a few things differently this time to make it a bit more fun.  I’ve worked with the very talented Graphics Chick, Emily Brubaker and Melting Mama to get the details just right..  Plus?  We are the guinea pigs for this company.  This company has never done a blog giveaway before – ever.  If it goes well, if we get a good response (and trust me, guys — they will be watching to see what people are saying) then they will consider doing more giveaways.  So it’s up to us to show what we can do. (I know — no pressure, right?)

First off, the prize -

A GoWear Fit Armband and Display, brand new, sealed in their respective boxes:

Brand Spankin' New

Have you ever wondered how many calories you burn while playing with your kids? Or how active you really are over the course of a week? Now you’ll know – with BodyMedia® FIT, the clinically proven system that turns your body’s everyday information into a tool to help you manage a healthy lifestyle.

Simply wear the BodyMedia Armband during the course of your day, then log onto your personalized BodyMedia FIT Activity Manager. You’ll get accurate, easy-to-digest information about the calories you’ve burned, plus a calorie consumption calculator and tips for how to best reach your fitness and lifestyle goals.

The BodyMedia FIT System also measures sleep duration and efficiency – so that you can begin to understand the influence your bedtime has on your overall health.

Hey, FTC / IRS – this part’s for you!  These were given to me by BodyMedia, Inc. as a prize for one of my readers.  I did not buy them myself, they were not bribes for a good review (which I did long before I spoke to someone in the company, by the way..), and no I am not keeping them as I have my own unit.  Taxes for gifts?  Don’t see me cause I won’t have them for long!

This deal includes a promo code for 3 months of the subscription service.  After that, it is up to the winner to buy the subscription that is required to make the units work (even with the display, you MUST have the subscription to make it work).  This includes the GoWear Fit Armband and the Display device, as well as the 3 months of service.  If you were to buy these both from BodyMedia directly, it would cost you $298.75.  So these aren’t cheap.

They can use PC or Mac, require a USB to interface, 256mb of RAM, and an internet connection (duh?).

Please! Please! Please!  Take some time to read more about the system and how it works over at the Body Media site and my review before you enter the contest.  If nothing else, take a gander at the cool new skins BodyMedia has started selling for the GoWear Fit..  I’m trying to decide which one(s) to get…

If you have any questions about your ability to use one of these (ie interfacing with your computer, or using the subscription service) please ask them before submitting to the contest.  I’d hate for someone to win who could not use this.  Please do not plan on Ebaying these.  No profits off the giveaway, please.  Moving on..

I want to do something different for this giveaway to make it a bit more fun.  To enter, all you have to do is write a comment to tell me what you think you will learn the most by having a GoWear Fit.  You’ll then get your name and comment number listed on a sheet of paper and placed in this jar:

This jar.

Then, on the last day (May 15th, 12pm EDT) I’ll have this girl-child draw out a slip of paper to win:

She can't read. So don't try to bribe.

After that, I’ll ship the prize to the winner.  Easy peasy, right?

So to clarify:

  • Contest runs from May 1st, 8am EDT to May 15th, 12pm EDT.
  • Names and comment numbers will be entered into above jar to be selected at random by girl child pictured above.
  • Comment is to be what you think you would learn from having the GoWear Fit system.  Anything else you want to add, please feel free to do so.
  • Please ask questions about product that might preclude your usage (preferably via email to before giving final comment for entry.  I will distinguish questions, duplicate comments, etc. from the jar (i.e. no duplicate entries).
  • Feel free to share this contest with friends to help spread the word if desired — remember, this is BodyMedia’s first blog giveaway and it’s popularity will determine future giveaways.

So what do you think you’d learn most about yourself if you won the GoWear Fit system?

Updates (5/1 – 3:30 EDT):

  • If you don’t see your entry immediately, it is most likely because you’ve never made a comment before with the account that you’ve signed in with and WordPress has required moderation.  No worries, just check back later.
  • Make sure you’ve READ the instructions.  If you’ve just entered a basic comment without following the instructions, I’ll either trash the comment upon moderation or will delete it.  YES I can do it, and YES I will.  Not fair to those who take the time to follow the rules.

Non-entry comments:

Laura C writes: “I’m just here to wish all of the OH WLSers luck. I would personally not use the product because I wouldn’t keep up with the monthly fee.”

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202 Responses to “Giveaway Time!”

  1. Sean Burkett says:

    I would like to see how many calories I burn over my daily BMR. I also am interested in the food tracking portion of the GWF. Thanks for putting on the contest!

  2. Mendie Schmidt says:

    I’m really excited that you’re giving one of these away!! I have a friend that’s been using one, and she raves about what a difference it’s made and how motivational it is. I’m a new-ish mom myself, still struggling with getting baby weight off, and this would really be such an appreciated “boost” to my fitness and weight loss program!

  3. Becky says:

    Hi Andrea, this may be a duplicate, but I can’t see my entry anywhere in the 152 comments, but I know I left one the day you started the giveaway. I sometimes write Fen0gli0 as my name, so wasn’t sure if you’d deleted it as I have zeros insted of the os.

    I’d love to win this to see the difference in calorie burn from my lazy days, (naps/ lap top) to my crazy days, 5 mile walks, shopping, errands etc.

    thank you for the chance to win.

  4. WendyN. says:

    So what do you think you’d learn most about yourself if you won the GoWear Fit system?

    I think that this system would help me to see how pathetically few calories I expend in any given day and – hopefully – encourage me to get my rear OFF THE COUCH and moving around more!

  5. Judy Smith says:

    I am really boosting my work-out program to 5 to 6 days a week and going to lowfat / smaller portion diet (I gess that is normal)…but I need to lose another 50lbs and feel that with the guidane of the Body Media it would help me out.

  6. I think I’d learn not just how many calories I burn, but how well I sleep, how many steps I take, etc. I’d love to know how many calories I burn since I’m well aware of how many I take in.

  7. Holly H says:

    So what do you think you’d learn most about yourself if you won the GoWear Fit system?

    I am hoping to learn more about my activity level. Am I being true to myself when I think/felt like I walked a few miles, or was it more like 1 mile?
    Also I love the no hassle way of keeping track of calories burned and steps walked using the companion watch. It would keep one more honest with actual exercise vesus perception.

  8. Laura McFarland says:

    I am really interested in this little gadget, especially the sleep tracking oh and of course, the easy way to keep track of calories burned :)

  9. marynoreen says:

    So what do you think you’d learn most about yourself if you won the GoWear Fit system? Being 3 yr out. Im still trying to get the cal in cal out. Thing. I Think I will learn more about the exercise needs to off set the calories in part.. So that why if I had the Go Wear Fit System, I will really know i will see and understand that part of the puzzle.( someone state that if there unit said they need xx amount of exercise. they would do those last situp before bed). And Finally, know that to reach my goal weight of 140.if I had one of these. I know that the yearly charge would be ok and I would be able to to that.
    A friend of mine has STRONGly RECOMMENDED this tYpe of aid to anyone trying to succeed at their life style changes.
    Thanks for having the contest.. I have all my finger crossed.. I beilieve!!

  10. Todd Smith says:

    So what do you think you’d learn most about yourself if you won the GoWear Fit system?

    I would learn that I consume too many calories and don’t burn enough calories.

  11. Shelly Alexy says:

    Getting older, they say, and it seems to be true that eating the same amount, and getting the same exercise will still result in weight gain. I’ve always wondered how many calories I am actually burning with my muscle mass. I believe the system would make me more aware of how many calories are in the food I am eating, as it’s been hard to keep track. This will get me excited about learning these things and be a great inspiration for weight loss. Maybe I need something exciting, like this to teach me about my eating and exercise habits.

  12. stephanie Marshall says:

    I would like to see how many calories I use doing really actvities like walking around the office , housework etc versus really pushing to excercise particular with my dogs who pull every step of the way !

  13. Ryan says:

    I would be able to even the score in the little spousal competition to be fittest one in the house (prize is no chores for a year!).

    My wife got herself a GWF a month ago and has been very secretive about it, but I can tell she loves it.

  14. Terri Linderkamp says:

    I would LOVE to have a GoWear fit! I think it is a great system that can only produce great results. I think what I will learn most is how many calories I truly burn in a day so I can make sure I don’t overeat. Exercising for me is not the problem, it’s not knowing how many calories I’ve actually burned, so that I can eat accordingly, or make better choices based on what I want my “deficit” to be. This would be a great tool to my weight-loss struggle!

  15. Cheryl Parrish says:

    I have some physical limitations (a right leg without a knee) that makes a true accounting of activity and calories burned difficult. GoWear Fit would make provide me a true accounting of my activity and calorie burn. I asked for one for mother’s day but no luck……..

  16. Nikki Massie says:

    I have been confused since day one about how MY body is burning calories. Everyone tells me since I’ve focused on muscle mass my body burns a lot of calories because I have a lot of muscle. I get that, but then why am I gaining more weight than the normal bounce back. I track my calories and no way am I eating close to enough to have gained the 20 lbs. I’ve gained. So I need a clear picture. Because some days I want to give up the fight and resign myself to being fat again. I NEED a Go Wear to help me through those days. To tell myself there is a logical way to combat this and to give me the information I need to do so.

  17. Fawn Marsella says:

    I think I will learn that I burn less calories than I think I do (or at least that I delude myself that I do) and wipe away my flimsy excuses for eating extra calories. I would also really love to learn how many calories are burned running up and down the steps every time I forget something on my dresser!

  18. Kelly Sabien says:

    I have wanted a GoWear Fit since I first heard about them, I think they would inspire me to get to my calorie-burn goal every day because I would be able to see it on the display and want it even more. I can be competitive that way!

  19. Wow I can’t believe this Go Wear does all these things. It gives you your weight summary, calories burned, your physical activity that you have done all day, your steps taken and even your sleep duration and efficiency.You daily caloric intake and expenditure and then all you do is plug it into your computer and it tells you everything. Biggest Loser here I come!

  20. Russel says:

    I would think I’ll be able to better guage my calorie deficit each day to see how I am doing in that department. I think this would be especially helpful as I approach the maintenance portion of my WLS journey (25 more pounds yeay!)

  21. Heather310 says:

    HI Andrea! I would LOVE to have the GoWearFit! I’m just about 5 weeks out from GB and need to start working out! I’d love to have something to help keep me tracking everything! LOL. I need all the help I can get with my busy schedule of work, two kids, and all that other life stuff! =) I heard great reviews on this product but the device itself is not in my budget, so it’d be great to win it!

  22. Josh M says:

    A GoWear fit would be awesome! Really thing it would help to keep more motivated and accountable, having 1 repository were it shows what I actually did. Ive been eyeing one recently because I really want to understand whats going on when I stall, and hopefully break them sooner. I always plan on tracking but Ill forget to log something and at best I’m left with gestimations about my activities and workouts. Plus I’m a technophile so just loving getting my hands on new gadgets and gizmos.

  23. Caroline Ennis says:

    I would love to see how efficient my body is and how many calories I burn during different activities.

    Any tool that will give me motivation to move is gold in my book! Please enter me in the contest!

  24. Elissa says:

    This product would be great for me because I would love to know how many calories I burn per day. I seem to be stalled with my weight loss no matter what I do and this could be a help in the right direction. I need to keep up with my almost 2 year old!

  25. Shelly Morales says:

    I know that I will be able to keep a firm track of calories, both spent and deposited, with the Go Wear Fit. I was an avid user until one day it died an untimely death when I accidentally washed it. It kept me on the straight and narrow and I miss having one of my own.

  26. Debbie Curtice says:

    I would use the GoWear as a motivator by tracking the actual calories I burn not just the steps taken. I would also use it to see how many hours of sleep I get each night. I would like to see if there is a correlation between sleep and weight loss. Thank you for putting on the contest :-)

  27. Jen Myers says:

    I desperately need some motivation….I need something to actually show me what little activity I am getting and motivate me to start moving.

    I bought the new sneaks..and there they sit in the dining room. :(

    Thanks for having this contest Andrea…you have been a big help in my WLS and I will always be grateful to you for that!


  28. kelly says:

    I think I would learn that I don’t burn nearly as many calories as I THINK i do chasing around 3 lil ones all day

  29. Rose M. Jones says:

    AWESOME piece of equipment! This system is like having a personal medical teams and gym trainer (all in one) with you at all times – tracking your every move/activity level, food choices, quality of rest/sleep levels…everything. It probably even talks! I would love to have this valuable information available to me at any moment of the day! This personal computer program will always promote accountibility on the users part, making it easy to stay on track. The feedback of printed reports would also make this an extremely valuable tool with our health care providers. Imagine being able to help them track our everyday health life! Wow! Finally, it seems very easy, portable and comfortable to wear without being obvious. However, who wouldn’t want to promote it’s use to everyone, so that EVERYONE could experience the same daily health benefits?! I would share it with the world! I’m 6 yrs. post-op. I need to loose at least 25-30 more pounds and I know that this tool would be a perfect way in helping me attain that goal. Winning a GoWear fit would no doubt get me to and KEEP me at the best health possible!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. Leslie Daugherty says:

    The GoWear Fit would assist me in so many ways – physically and mentally. As a maintenance girl in my current state post RNY, I have found that the struggle has just begun. This system would allow me to better understand my body’s calorie burn processes, which times of day my body better reacts to specific activities, and other useful data to assist me in my new life of an non-morbidly obese individual. I’m excited about another tool – just like my RNY is a tool – to help me live a healthful, active, and productive life!

  31. Taylor Plumblee says:

    I am going to have my WLS on 5/26/10 and this would be the prefect tool to help me in my journey. Since I am new to diet and exercise with my WLS tool, it would help be know how much I am burning throughout the day vs. what I am eating. I really hope I win and I promise to share how awesome it is!!

  32. Mary Ellen Lefler says:

    So what do you think you’d learn most about yourself if you won the GoWear Fit system?

    I think I would learn how much I’m really exercising. I think most people believe they are walking and exercising more than they actually do. I am almost 3 weeks post up and would love this tool.

  33. NELDA FIELDS says:

    I had my surgery 2/25/10 so I am new to all of this and I am OLD. The GWF would really make me accountable to exercise and calories that I take in. I have read on the forums how the people that have them really keep up with whether they are eating enough or too much. It would really help this old lady (66) out. Thanks for giving this away!

  34. Katie Cauler says:

    This is so great, I work out quite a lot and I usually go by numbers on the machines that I use for calories burned and such, and I enter my exercise on I bet this would be so much better and more accurate! Thank you for doing this contest, what a great prize.

  35. Holly Martin says:

    I have always claimed that my job is somewhat physical… this would be the perfect opportunity to prove I am right and to see how much I need to add daily to get a successful workout. I have seen how others have benefited from this product and would to be added to that list of beneficiaries!!!!

  36. I would use the gowearfit to track my daily activities and food. I believe it would give me the incentive to move more and eat less and be accountable for what I do.

  37. Kim Marie says:

    Wow!!! this is great. I hear people posting on the boards about it but never took the time to check it out.
    With surgery on the 24th this would be amazing to watch the changes and be able to fully know what is going on during this time. I personally love the ability to see how vigorous the workouts are. Sometimes I just really don’t know if I am working out as hard as I think I am.(I doubt it). This would be great to keep me in ck. There seems to be so many great things about this and now fashionable with the new sleeves.

  38. Sam Jackson says:

    a year ago I ruptured my achilles tendon and I gained up to 300#’s. When my doctor released me I started walking and slowly losing weight, I have lost 40 lbs but I still have a long way to go. I feel with the GoFit I will be able to monitor my activity and calories so I can, hopefully, lose this extra weight.

  39. cheryl szabo says:

    I have been fat all my life and have spent a life time of dieting. My mother always told me that God only meant those joints to carry one person. Now I am stuck with all this weight and have lost all motivation to continue. In addition, i’m hypertensive, have elevated cholesterol and now hypothyroid. I can’t win. If I win this though, I would still give it to my BFF who has committed to losing weight after losing her husband and son. She is the best and I wish her success! This device would definitely assure her success.

  40. Angela Bowers says:

    Wow! Thanks for this opportunity.

    I would use this system to help me see how I am burning the calories that I am consuming and see how much I am burning thru activity. I have lost 120lbs but want to lose about 60 more and it is much slower now. I think this system would help me to make the little changes necessary to get rid of the rest of this weight and reach my goal.

  41. Lynne says:

    I think this would force me to exercise more by making me realise how little I burn in an average day.

  42. Rebecca Borland says:

    I am interested in seeing if I can master the “take in less calories…burn more calories” equation for weight loss. I also had mild sleep apnea and would like to see the sleep info.

    I know that the GoFit will help me get and stay motivated because I have a little techie in me that likes the fact that it is all tracked on the computer!

  43. Becky says:

    I don’t understand the contest or how to enter. Do you enter by submitting a comment here? Do you want our full name?

    I would love to win, so I can tell if my treadmill workouts are really doing anything other than making me feel less guilty about not working out.

    But I’ve never won anything in my life and don’t plan on starting now. lol

  44. Ann Balambao says:

    I am about to start taking classes at college and I would love to have this to track my activity through out the day and to see what I can tweak to get the last 25ish pounds I want to lose done. I have been stuck in the 150s for half a year now and really want to get the last part off.

  45. Jeanine says:

    I had my RNY in October ’09 and have lost almost 80#. I have always wanted to be able to jog. Well I’ve recently started. Not always easy but I’m determined. I would love to see exactly how many calories my efforts have burned! Go Fit would be the answer.

  46. Jessica H. says:

    I have wanted a GoWear Fit for a while now. I would love to have one to increase the calories I use daily and improve my weight loss potential

  47. Teresa says:

    Hi Andrea,
    This is such a great giveaway.. thank you for all you do.. I would love to win this GoWear Fit.. I really need to know how many calories I am burning compared to the calories I am taking in.. On the days I am not using exercise machines I have no idea of the calorie offset.. Most exercise machines do not even give me an accurate account.. they do not take into account your height and weight in telling you calories burned or miles walked.. Being only 4’10″ tall this presents a big varience.. I would also like to know how many hours I am actually sleeping and how well I am sleepng.. I know this effects weight loss.. I feel that using the GoWear Fit along with the RNY surgery I will be able to meet my weight loss goal because I feel it will be a great motivator to inspire me to get to my calorie burned goal everyday. I would love to win this tool to add it to my wls tool to help me achieve a healthy, active and productive lifestyle.

  48. Kimberly says:

    I would love to REALLY know how many calories I expend, especially after finishing the hellacious boot camp workouts I’m currently doing. Maybe it just seems like I’m working my a$$ off but I’m really not….who knows?!
    I hope this product is as fabulous as everyone claims it is….and I hope I’m the winner so I can spread the word. Thanks for giving us a chance at this great prize.

  49. This is awesome. Been wanting one for a long while, finances have dictated otherwise. Now at almost 2 yrs out and playing around with trying to get to goal, I would appreciate the science and the motivation that I think this would supply. If I win or not, YOU are awesome. I read every blog. Andrea, thank you.

  50. Bridget Platt says:

    I would really like to know what my body needs, excercise wise to accomplish weight loss after having my baby. I always seem to gain weight AFTER baby and I think this tool would help me reduce that gain, and ultimately lose.