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When I got word of this giveaway, well, I was blown away.  I got the email.  Read it again.  Then actually did a little dance in the hotel room I was staying at in Savannah in front of my mother.

While she’s used to odd things from me, this was a bit odder than the usual.

And then I explained.  And she offered to take the Giveaway off my hands for me.  It’s that good.  (Yes, I know, I’m stringing this out just a tad.)

Because of the value of this item, we’re going to do a few things differently this time to make it a bit more fun.  I’ve worked with the very talented Graphics Chick, Emily Brubaker and Melting Mama to get the details just right..  Plus?  We are the guinea pigs for this company.  This company has never done a blog giveaway before – ever.  If it goes well, if we get a good response (and trust me, guys — they will be watching to see what people are saying) then they will consider doing more giveaways.  So it’s up to us to show what we can do. (I know — no pressure, right?)

First off, the prize -

A GoWear Fit Armband and Display, brand new, sealed in their respective boxes:

Brand Spankin' New

Have you ever wondered how many calories you burn while playing with your kids? Or how active you really are over the course of a week? Now you’ll know – with BodyMedia® FIT, the clinically proven system that turns your body’s everyday information into a tool to help you manage a healthy lifestyle.

Simply wear the BodyMedia Armband during the course of your day, then log onto your personalized BodyMedia FIT Activity Manager. You’ll get accurate, easy-to-digest information about the calories you’ve burned, plus a calorie consumption calculator and tips for how to best reach your fitness and lifestyle goals.

The BodyMedia FIT System also measures sleep duration and efficiency – so that you can begin to understand the influence your bedtime has on your overall health.

Hey, FTC / IRS – this part’s for you!  These were given to me by BodyMedia, Inc. as a prize for one of my readers.  I did not buy them myself, they were not bribes for a good review (which I did long before I spoke to someone in the company, by the way..), and no I am not keeping them as I have my own unit.  Taxes for gifts?  Don’t see me cause I won’t have them for long!

This deal includes a promo code for 3 months of the subscription service.  After that, it is up to the winner to buy the subscription that is required to make the units work (even with the display, you MUST have the subscription to make it work).  This includes the GoWear Fit Armband and the Display device, as well as the 3 months of service.  If you were to buy these both from BodyMedia directly, it would cost you $298.75.  So these aren’t cheap.

They can use PC or Mac, require a USB to interface, 256mb of RAM, and an internet connection (duh?).

Please! Please! Please!  Take some time to read more about the system and how it works over at the Body Media site and my review before you enter the contest.  If nothing else, take a gander at the cool new skins BodyMedia has started selling for the GoWear Fit..  I’m trying to decide which one(s) to get…

If you have any questions about your ability to use one of these (ie interfacing with your computer, or using the subscription service) please ask them before submitting to the contest.  I’d hate for someone to win who could not use this.  Please do not plan on Ebaying these.  No profits off the giveaway, please.  Moving on..

I want to do something different for this giveaway to make it a bit more fun.  To enter, all you have to do is write a comment to tell me what you think you will learn the most by having a GoWear Fit.  You’ll then get your name and comment number listed on a sheet of paper and placed in this jar:

This jar.

Then, on the last day (May 15th, 12pm EDT) I’ll have this girl-child draw out a slip of paper to win:

She can't read. So don't try to bribe.

After that, I’ll ship the prize to the winner.  Easy peasy, right?

So to clarify:

  • Contest runs from May 1st, 8am EDT to May 15th, 12pm EDT.
  • Names and comment numbers will be entered into above jar to be selected at random by girl child pictured above.
  • Comment is to be what you think you would learn from having the GoWear Fit system.  Anything else you want to add, please feel free to do so.
  • Please ask questions about product that might preclude your usage (preferably via email to before giving final comment for entry.  I will distinguish questions, duplicate comments, etc. from the jar (i.e. no duplicate entries).
  • Feel free to share this contest with friends to help spread the word if desired — remember, this is BodyMedia’s first blog giveaway and it’s popularity will determine future giveaways.

So what do you think you’d learn most about yourself if you won the GoWear Fit system?

Updates (5/1 – 3:30 EDT):

  • If you don’t see your entry immediately, it is most likely because you’ve never made a comment before with the account that you’ve signed in with and WordPress has required moderation.  No worries, just check back later.
  • Make sure you’ve READ the instructions.  If you’ve just entered a basic comment without following the instructions, I’ll either trash the comment upon moderation or will delete it.  YES I can do it, and YES I will.  Not fair to those who take the time to follow the rules.

Non-entry comments:

Laura C writes: “I’m just here to wish all of the OH WLSers luck. I would personally not use the product because I wouldn’t keep up with the monthly fee.”

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202 Responses to “Giveaway Time!”

  1. I would absolutely be excited to have this GoWear Fit. I think this is exactly what I need to keep in touch with how effective my walks and day to day activites I try to do really are helping with my calorie burn. I have wanted to purchase one of these for a while but times are tight and I cannot afford to at this time. I am a faithful Biggest Looser fan and they use a body bug that does the same thing for them and 100% of the people who I know that are successful with weight loss, long term has invested in one of these. Thanks for the opportunity to own one.

  2. kim gibson says:

    I would love to have the gowear fit so that i could keep up with the calories I burn throughout the day. I am trying so hard to keep up with what I take in and also what i burn. It is not easy because most of the time it is a guesstimate. I would also love to know how well I am sleeping. I had sleep apnia before gastric bypass, now I do not sleep with my cpap machine but I wonder if I am really sleeping good or not. Thanks for this opportunity. Kim