Bifera Guinea Pig

On May 3, 2010, in Minerals, Reviews, Tests, by Andrea

Heme and Poly iron

So I’ve been a Proferrin guinea pig for the community with wonderful results:

HGB – 12.6  (12.0 – 18.0 g/dl)
HCT – 39.7%  (37.0 – 51.0%)
Ferritin – 11.1  (11-137 ng/ml)
Iron – 41  (37 – 170 ug/dl)
TIBC – 310  (265 – 497 ug/dl)
Iron Saturation – 13%  (20-55%)


HGB – 13.13  (12.0 – 15.0 g/dl)
HCT – 38.21%  (35.0 – 49.0%)
Ferritin – 16.3  (6 – 81 ng/ml premenopausal *which seems odd cause post is 14-186….?*)
Iron – 45  (28 – 182 ug/ml)
UIBC – 326  (130 – 375 ug/dl)
TIBC – 371  (180 – 545 ug/dl)
Iron Sat – Not measured


TIBC – 344  ( 250-450)
UIBC – 255 (150-375)
Serum Iron – 89  (35-155)
Iron Sat – 23%  (15-55%)
Ferritin – 23  (10-291 — with a notation that they are changing to 13-150 for Females)

With the current shortage of Proferrin (Hello Colorado Biolabs?  This is the WLS community calling.  We’d like for you to get off your asses and get your butts in gear over there.  This shit?  It WORKS and we want it!  Especially after I’ve posted all about how it works!  So, you know, get off the stick, fix whatever machine is broken, and get in gear!  Kthanxbai.) and with the sale last week on Bifera at Walgreens, several people have decided to go the Bifera route.

One of which, is Penney, who convienently, has just had iron labs drawn.  And who, convienently, is going to be a Bifera guinea pig for us.  Yay!  (Say “Thank you” to Penney, guys.  It takes guts to be a public guinea pig.  Not everyone is insane enough to put there labs on display for all to see.)

From Penney:

Fe 81 (35-150)
IBC 373 (250-450)
%Sat 21.7 (15-55)
RBC 3.49 (4.00-5.20)
Hgb 11.5 (11.5-16.0)
Hct 33.1 (35.-47.0)
Ferritn 12.4 (11-307)
Prior to this week, I was taking 1 Celebrate chewable Iron +C and one Ferrous gluconate 240mg (Fergon) together with 250mg Vit C twice daily. Now just one Bifera daily, taken all by it’s lonesome at least two hours away from any other supplement or dairy.
We’re going to follow-up with Penney in two months (yes, I’m marking my calendar..) to see where she is.
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9 Responses to “Bifera Guinea Pig”

  1. Deb in Nebraska says:

    Thanks Penney!!!

  2. Lori Koenen says:

    I will guinea pig it up right along side Penney, as I have 6 bottles of Bifera after your sale post on it, and our discussion with my labs. I have taken 2 for the last 5 days, and will continue 2 for the first month since my Ferritin and Iron sats are so low, then go to one pill a day. Then, I will have my labs drawn by my PCP, who by the way, also felt that my low stores and other readings weren’t enough to cause my extreme fatigue, esp since HGB and HCT are in the lowest normal range. She believes it is from losing 60 lbs in 6 months. Who cares why. I just want some ENERGY!!!

  3. Halina says:

    I started using the Bifera. So we will see. I noticed that while using any other iron – even carbonyl – I get constipated, but I do not that way with Bifera. I have 3 bottles and I will get 2 more. I was using the carbonyl by BA, 60 mg. Now I will be taking 2 Bifera+ vit C. Hope this will work. Not being constipated is a great bonus.

  4. Andrea says:

    Don’t take Bifera with C. Heme does NOT like acidity at all.

  5. Penney says:

    Actually, with all the iron I was on previously, constipation was never an issue…most of the time the opposite. Now I’m having a bit more difficulty since switching…go figure. Only here and among fellow nurses can I discuss poo issues :)

  6. Rachel says:

    Any update from Penney? My results weren’t too great from going to Bifera. Doc is giving me 8 weeks to get my levels up or see about an IV supplement. Ughh!

  7. Andrea says:

    Without divulging medical info (unless she chooses to do so) Penney had to break off from Bifera and went straight Proferrin.

    How many of the Bifera are you/ were you taking?

  8. Julie says:

    I have been taking Bifera that my grandmother had left over before moving to a nursing home. Has anyone noticed if it turns their urine pink/peach? If not, I may have another problem besides a ferritin level of 4.


  9. Andrea says:

    Julie – You need to go see your doc.

    Watch for an email from me.

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