GoWear Fit Winner!

On May 15, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

She's all excited! But because she was given a cookie with breakfast!

Sorry it’s so late –

We did draw at 12 noon as promised, but I’m just getting home from my support group meeting that’s held in Raleigh (an hour away).

Little girl child did her duty, after the group witnessed that the jar was well and thoroughly mixed..

The selection..

She chose one towards the top, actually..

Winner, winner!

kelly says:

I think I would learn that I don’t burn nearly as many calories as I THINK i do chasing around 3 lil ones all day

Congrats to Kelly!

I will be sending Kelly an email.  She will have until Monday, 12 noon EDT to get back to me about shipping address.  If I’ve not heard back from her, then the girl gets to draw again.

Thanks to all who have helped me with this, but especially to BodyMedia for providing the product!

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6 Responses to “GoWear Fit Winner!”

  1. Bridget says:

    Congrats Kelly!

  2. Karen Amor says:

    Congratulations, Kelly!!!! Maybe I should have sent those SF swedish fishes =)

  3. nessa says:

    congrats Kelly you will LOVE it.

  4. cat lady says:

    Congratulations Kelly!

  5. Kyle Hammond says:

    Congrats Kelly!!!

  6. Kim Marie says:

    Congrats!! Hope it really helps out.

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