SoCal Day 1

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The OC

Hey all!

Well, I’m here.

I’m having to use Beth’s computer for now because I can’t get the internet to work on my laptop in the room.  Something about the internet servers not understanding two different computers in the room with wifi wanting to work.  Very screwed up.  Which, of course, screws up my ability to post photos right now.  Drats!  If you aren’t already following me on Facebook, this is when you should friend me.  Cause I’ll add a few photos there as I can.  And yes, being the g33k that I am, I WILL be working on trying to get the internet sorted out so I can get photos up sooner than later.  I want y’all to enjoy the sights I’m seeing while I’m out here.

The first leg of my flights was fairly quiet..  RDU to ATL was pretty easy, and short.  58 minutes.  It had a wicked short layover that I was stressing over with my baggage making it and the possible jaunt across the airport terminal.  But I got luckier than I ever think I’ve been while traveling and only had to walk about 6 gates down.  I got to my gate, had time to call my parents and husband before they started to load my next flight.  So good timing.

The next flight, ATL to LAX was pretty.. not.  The first 2 hours were turbulent.  And this was when the water from the first flight, the Coke Zero, and the protein shake I’d fixed (I should have blogged it.. but I did a Vanilla Gotein RIGHT THERE on the plane! and it was great not having to go mad scientist!) decided it wanted out.  But of course, the fasten seatbelt sign was on and every time someone got up, there was an announcement made.  I didn’t want it to be me.  So I behaved.. this time.

Napped a bit on the plane, got my luggage (luckily..  I was worried.  And glad I hadn’t connected out of Detroit as those poor people waited over an hour for their luggage to hit the carousel), got to my shuttle, and finally got to the hotel.  Beth was still awake, and we finally got to sleep around 3am local time I’d say.

Of course, this was about 6am our body time.  So fun!  Stayed in bed for just a few hours, and then got up.  Beth’s priority was caffeine while mine was adreneline so I went for a jog.  Peer pressure won out, though, and she joined me on a treadmill and walked for a few minutes barefoot (she was not expecting to be exercising, so don’t yell at her).  After getting the stink off me, we found a great little Bohemian cafe to have breakfast and walked around a bit, found some people in the lobby (Hi Vitalady!!) and now I’m here typing this up so the people who are worried they won’t have reading material will have *something* to read!  (Hey, I understand.  I read blogs, too :-)

It’s a gorgeous day, and I don’t know what we’re going to do with the afternoon.  We were supposed to meet up with a friend of mine from Canada, but I’ve not heard from her yet, so I dunnow what we’re going to do.  There’s a Q&A at 3pm (it’s 1 now) that we may go to.

I’ll try to do more updates.. and I’ll try and get pix up for you.  Cause, well, I’m like that.

Behave while I’m gone.  Or, not and take pictures.

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2 Responses to “SoCal Day 1”

  1. Penney says:

    Glad you don’t think it’s weird that we miss your blogging…I just told my husband this morning that mornings will be so boring because my 3 favorite bloggers are out of town, whatever will I do? Have fun, girls! :)

  2. Andrea says:

    I didn’t say I didn’t think it odd ;-) . Just left that part out… Hehe

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