SoCal Day 2

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The OC

Mornin’ Folks!

It’s 6:17 Pacific and Beth’s in the shower (so I only have a few minutes)..  I have to get ready before to long, but thought I’d hop on while drinking my protein shake to give a quick run-down of yesterday (still no pic’s.. I’ll make it up to you when I get home, I swear!) while I could.

Got up early, did my run, got Beth up on a treadmill to prove she could, in fact EXERCISE (no, she didn’t run.. but I never asked her to, either) and then we went out in search of food around the hotel to avoid a $6 cup of coffee.  Found a great little Bohemian cafe (the Gypsy Den Cafe) and it was WONDERFUL.  I cannot speak highly enough of this place.  It was perfect.  Walked around, took pictures of all the crazy sights that we always seem to find around us, then headed back to the hotel with some 7-Eleven goodies (Don’t even get Beth started on her “Sasquatch”) where we immediately started running into OH peeps.  Some recognized me, most caught her.  One actually recognized me but not her.. which was a bit … weird.  Because I’m a nobody compared to Beth.

In any case, we went down to help the OH staff help with the goody bag stuffing for a bit, and my friend Kitty White from Canada showed up around 3 and then we all went to watch the Q&A.

Now.  If you were a newbie.. MAYBE the Q&A would have been a good thing.  MAYBE.  But I Had. To. Leave.  Because the “Bariatric Dietician” was saying that at 3 years there should only be 3 meals of 1c each and no more than 1000 calories (I’m sooo totally screwed here…) and another guy was saying we should NEVER drink our protein (said as she drinks a shake…), how *sometimes* beta-carotene is absorbed (like, what, when the moon is overhead and you have your tongue at the roof of your mouth?) and constipation is simply a reaction to poor eating habits (woah, wait.. so iron, calcium, and this re-routed plumbing has NOTHING to do with it, right?).  And then my pouch was hungry for it’s 4th meal (which, you know, was wrong) so I decided to leave and feed it before I spoke up and got kicked out of the conference before it really began or before I called a doctor an idiot at an OH event (AGAIN.  Yeah, I did it at Atlanta.  I couldn’t help it.)

So food.  Bohemian soy-made-to-look-like-French-Dip-sandwich-and-Andrea-doesn’t-eat-soy…  but I ate half.  And got a really GOOD cupcake for later.  So it was fine and the company was better with Beth and Kitty.  So that’s all that really mattered.

Came back, got dressed for the reception.. where Beth and I weren’t spoken to.

Do I stink?  I mean, really.. do I smell?  Or.. does Beth?

This seems to happen to us often.

There didn’t seem to be any seats, so we stood around.  And that was fine.  A few people came up to speak to us.. and then Vitalady and Vitaguy (whom I adore!) came up we all were talking.

But then.  Drama.

A few things you people need to know:  When you have this surgery?  Sometimes we just aren’t right in the head.  I know that.  But if that means that you want to randomly flash people in a room of strangers?  Go to a therapist.

Yes, I’m sure there was alcohol involved, but it was not an isolated incident.

There was also the flashing of a male adult diaper as well (it was a proud flashing?  Don’t ask…  Really.  Just.  NO.)

Just know that getting thin will not fix your issues.  If you’re broken fat, you very well will be broken thin.  Fix yourself while you get skinny.  Nuff said.

Afterwards, Beth and I had a lovely chat in our room with Teresa White, where we shared our cupcakes with her.  Now, it should be said that of the two cupcakes purchased, probably only one whole one was eaten by the 3 of us.  We picked apart and then trashed.  The icing was to die for but OMG SWEET.  But guys?  You need to know that Teresa?  Ain’t no Stepford.  She’s not one of the Evil Empire.  She’s one of us.  So she’s allowed in the #BBGC.  Just cause she was under that evil influence doesn’t mean she WAS one.  She’s cool.

So my turn for the shower.  That’s our day in a nutsell.  Today we have a full slate of people, vendors, product, breakouts, and stuff.  So I’ll try to do more FB pictures, and of course more pix for when I get home.


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4 Responses to “SoCal Day 2”

  1. Christina Moctezuma says:

    Sounds like a really good time! I saw the pic of you holding up the sign on Beth’s FB page. Your hair looked so cute!

    Yeah, I need more info on the adult diaper flashing incident. That’s too good to let go!


  2. Penney says:

    Hmpf. In my line of work, I have seen far too many male adult diapers (and what is stored in them) to be impressed/shocked. Ew. What a hoot! Have fun!

  3. Nessa says:


    Andrea, if I have to sit through someone telling me not to drink my protein and not eat more than 1000 calories a day in August you will have to put yoru fist in my mouth to keep my eating 1400 calories a day and losing 7 pounds a month ass from pissing folks off…. and then I’ll be 11 months out..I hope we can eat a cupcake in August!

  4. Andrea says:

    Pix being uploaded now.

    We’ll find a cupcake in August. I’ll have a car, and we’ll find a cupcake!

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