Wrap-up: SoCal 2010

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So I’m home.  And as much as I am always looking forward to getting away from the craziness of my chittering tw0 year old and chattering almost four year old, and the subsequent chaos that accompanies those two with the cats, dogs, fish, frogs, and husband?  I do miss them, even for the 3 days that I’m away.  So I’m glad to be home.  Even if I’m ready to go again when seeing the kitchen sink, the dirty living room, the piles of laundry to do, the blog posts to write, etc.

It does, however, bring back a bit of perspective.  And a new resolution.  That will die by the end of the week – if I’m good.  If not, by the end of the day.  At least I’m honest.  Or try to be.

I didn’t have internet on my computer in Southern California, and I don’t blog from my phone.  I could – there is a WordPress app for iPhone, but I just haven’t.  I can’t imagine it’s that good compared to a good ole fashioned computer.  At least I did have facebook from my phone — being completely cut-off would have been torturous!

I’m putting pictures up on Facebook now, but FB is kicking out errors like no tomorrow, so that’s slow and torturous.

I could hash it all out, bit by bit?  But there’s not really a whole lot of point in doing so.  I got some things I’ll discuss in blog posts down the road, I’ve got pictures I’ll share, and I met some wonderful people.  I also got to know some people a whole lot better, learned more about people I didn’t know about before (and more about someone I wish I didn’t know about.. evil fish in the Amazon come to mind.. I hate liars and cheats more than anything else in the world..)

I do want to say this before I forget – if you see me at a conference?  Please come talk to me?  PLEASE? I’m really quite good at holding up a wall if you let me.  Or running away.  I’m a people watcher.  And a thinker. (I think this is kinda obvious.)  And I promise — I shower regularly.  I make it a point to do so.  I’m not the most social creature in the world.  It’s one of my failings in life.  I never learned how to be a social butterfly.  I can speak if forced to do so, but rarely do so on my own volition.  (Which is why I don’t do YouTube vids or the such.  And why it took much effort to force this blog.)

Although, it should be noted that I survived through a “segment” on BariatricTV (at the end) with Beth and Teresa, without turning into too much of a Woobie.  Soo, perhaps progress?  Or maybe not.  You can decide when that comes out.. whenever that comes out.

So some pictures?  I have them on facebook.  You can view them by going to the following links:  (I hope!)

SoCal Day 1

SoCal Day 2

OH Fashion Show (and Party)

Coming Home (Mostly taken for the girl-child, but I’ll share for y’all as well)

I have tons going on in my mind, but the younglings are begging for chicken nuggets and there’s laundry that’s calling for me.  So soon…

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