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I don’t normally do this, but I’m well passed the land of “pissed off” and moving into “anger” land.

This is NOT a WLS post.  It’s one of the few non-WLS posts there is on this site.  So if you aren’t interested?  Go ahead, move on.

Today has not been spectacular, to say the least.

I have an odd rash.  Was told last week it was miraculous poison ivy (miraculous since I was nowhere NEAR poison ivy), given a Pred pack, told to take Zyrtec 2x a day to counter my RNY (oh, okay, so I just made it WLS-ish.  Sorta.) and use topical Benedryl.  A week later, it’s still creating blisters and rashes and keeping me awake at night scratching enough to draw blood.  Go back to that doc, told me to not pass Go and to go straight to a Dermatologist.

The Derm has this sign up everywhere, including the patient rooms:

Odd, yes?

I also had to sign a paper saying I agreed to this.  I asked WHY and got “It’s for protection.”  And yes, in patient rooms, where yes, I got undressed, there was a camera w/ mic.  Lovely, eh?

So after waiting 1 1/2 hrs PAST my appointment time, in a meat locker (my toes went numb, my fingers blue.. NOT KIDDING), I’m told I have a very contagious rash that amazingly NO ONE ELSE HAS IN MY FAMILY.  And having been out of town over the weekend, our bed has had all four of us in it.  So if it was truly contagious?  The kids would be covered with their extremely sensitive skin (they actually have a skin condition called dermagraphia that proves this fact..) and the husband would be covered as well since he turns red 10 minutes in the sun.  So, um?  I think NOT.

But.  Whatever.

He also tests me for MRSA.  You know.  Just in case.

Next?  we move on to returning a battery I bought from Batteries Plus in Wilson, NC.  Here’s where I get REALLY pissed.

I was given a portable DVD player from my dad that was purchased way back in 2002.  The battery, of course, did not work.  It was questionable as to whether the rest of the unit would work as well.  I go in to my local store, which is brand new.  It’s May 11th, 6:10pm.  The kid behind the counter agreed that the battery was dead beyond charging and said one could be special ordered.   Now, I CLEARLY told him that I was not certain that the unit would actually work, and did not want to order something and be penalized if it didn’t work.  “No problem.  You can return it if it doesn’t.”  Also told him that I was leaving town to go to OH SoCal (which was the purpose for the DVD player in the first place) and needed it before 5/19.  He pulls his manager out and she makes a call, saying she can have it on the 18th.  I verify that if it does not work that I can return it.  I was told yes, so I bought it for $69.99 plus tax.  Took my name and number to call me, and I was happy.

I waited until 5/19 to call back as I’d not heard anything.  The manager told me that the kid had quit and she didn’t have my info, and had actually gotten the battery in on the 17th.  I went in that afternoon, with my DVD player and we could hear it spinning up and a light.  That’s as far as I tested it.

Got on the plane, and the battery had discharged.  Was disappointed, but made do without it.  Charged it in SoCal and found out that the screen did not work.  I could hear the movie, but video playback would not work.  If I turned the monitor off?  The digital light (red) would come on through the output on the back.

I should mention that I used to manage a RadioShack.  So I’m not exactly an idiot when it comes to electronics.  OR store policies.  OR customer service.

Come back in town.  Monday was just jet lag day.  Tuesday and Wednesday were itchy and dealing with that.  TODAY I go in.  Keep in mind I’ve only technically had the battery 8 days.

  • Argued with me about giving me the box the battery came in — she didn’t give me one, but insisted she did
  • Would not give me cash back because it’s over 14 days — remember, required I pay for it to order it in
  • Said snottily “Normally we don’t even take back special orders”  – If I had known this, I wouldn’t have ordered the damned thing
  • Charged a 15% restocking fee for “camcorder and laptop” batteries — this wasn’t either technically
  • Kept snottily pointing to a sign that was covered up the night I was there, and the back of the receipt.  The back of the receipt does NOT say anything about a restocking fee whatsoever.  Nada.  I should make a copy of it.  Perhaps SHE should read her own damned receipt?

So I go to call the national number to complain on the way home.  The number on the back of the receipt DOES NOT GIVE A HUMAN unless I bought from their .com address.  Go to their webpage, and that’s the same number as on the back of receipt.

And the store credit?  Is a receipt.  It’s a piece of paper.  That I have to keep track of.  Not even a card.  LOVELY.

When I start my next business?  If I do?  I will never treat my customers like this.

Excuse me, I have a date with …

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4 Responses to “Irked.”

  1. Lorraine says:

    Sorry you had such a bad experience. Unfortunately there is very little customer service/support these days. Very seldom is there a “real, live” person to talk with.

    Maybe that why I live in the middle of the country & don’t go to town any more than I have to!

    McDonalds Unsweetened Ice Tea with splenda is my treat. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been given a Sweet tea by “mistake.” So into the store I go. Ask for the mangager… ask if they realize they could have killed me!?! I get a new drink but no acknowledgement that they screwed up big time.

    Or other times the drink order is right but has no ICE in it! It’s ICE TEA… that requires 2 things – tea & ICE!!!

  2. LisaFriday says:

    Hey Andrea,
    I would be totally freaked if I knew there were cameras recording me ‘waiting for the Dr.’
    OMG…is that going to become the ‘norm’…
    Oh I hope not.
    As for the battery and the snotty sales girl… I hope you were just as snotty.
    I have been in retail my entire adult life, and I would never treat a customer the way you were treated. I am from the ‘old school’ where ‘the customer is always right’.

    Take care…by the way, I just found this page. I am excited to explore all of your info here.
    Lisa in Alabama

  3. Maria Fitzpatrick says:

    Andrea go to and look up the number if u have the city and state of the corp. office. Tell them that if the matter is not taken care of that u will be calling the State Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Affairs AND disputing it with your credit card issuer (if u used your card).

    Good luck!

  4. Valerie says:

    Goodness Andrea!

    I hope the poison Ivy goes away soon. Funny timing as someone I work with has the same problem. Rash that appeared out of nowhere and itching to the point of bleeding. Dr sent her to a dermatologist who said it was poison ivy and she has no remember of coming in contact with it. She was told she was not contagious but given pretty mucht he same meds you have (she is not WLS patient).
    The sign, camera, microphones, etc. makes me think they have been accused of something inappropraite in the past, it was their word against the patient, and they are now trying to protect themselves from it happening again.

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