June Challenge – Week 1

On June 9, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

So I knew my daily posting wouldn’t last.  At least I’m honest with myself.

And really, I should have posted this yesterday, so I suck even more than usual.  Sue me.

On June 1st, I weighed 182.5 and had a body fat % of 32.6%.  On June 8th, I weighed 181.5 and had a body fat % of 32.8%.  So not a massive change so far.  I really wasn’t expecting one, though, so it’s not a huge disappointment.  I am in constant ketosis, so I think I’m burning some fat to convert to muscle given the amount of calories burned to intake..  and body fat readers aren’t perfect.  I dunnow.  See?  I may know vitamins, but this still confounds me.

6/1 – 2.6  mi run
6/2 – rest day
6/3 – 3.5 mi run
6/4 – 4.79 mi run
6/5 – “rest” day (gym was closed, did yard work instead for 3 1/2 hrs)
6/6 – rest day, light hiking as cross training
6/7 – 4.17 mi run, free weights cross training

Week 1 Total – 15.06 mi run

During this week, I’ve also gone past the 100 mi mark in my running program.  That’s kinda a small feat, I think.

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