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Carbonated! Protein!

Old school protein drinks were like swallowing stale lemon juice.  To get them down you had to drink them fast. Or hold your nose. The FIZZ in XAPP keeps the flavor bouncing on your tongue, so bad taste gets banished. Using the breakthrough XAPP FIZZOLOGY technology, the protein in XAPP is kept fresher longer- up to 2 years- for a better-tasting, longer lasting way to refuel.
Milky protein drinks can have up to 16g of fat. That’s 144 fat calories! Not very healthy or refreshing. Worse, fat slows down digestion and protein delivery to muscles. XAPP is naturally fat free with 170 calories of protein refreshment express delivered to hard-working muscles. XAPP has all of what you need, and none of what you don’t.
Floaties in not-so-pure whey protein drinks are caused by de-naturating [fracturing/partially destroying] the all important natural protein structure. This is usually caused by using excessive heat during processing. XAPP uses only liquid whey protein isolate. It is never over-heated or exposed to extreme temperatures. So you’ll never see floaties or have to gulp down chunks of slimy protein again. Guaranteed!  — Xapp Website

I have to tell you — when I learned about a carbonated protein drink?  The Bad Girl inside of me jumped for joy and could not WAIT to try it.

I tried to get a corporate sample — and it looked like I would.  But something happened and it was not meant to be.  So I was left for wanting.

Until!!! I stopped off at the Greenville, NC Vitamin Shoppe in search of my Mix1 drinks that I drink before I go running.  I was totally impressed with the single serve drink selection that the Vitamin Shoppe had and lo, and behold?  2 Xapp flavors just begging to be tried.  So yeah, you know what happened, don’t you?

I have to also say that I picked up a Monster Energy drink on the way home as well.  Because?  Yeah, that’s just me.

So cracking this big sucker up (and boy, is it!  24oz gives you 40gm of protein) and poured into a glass?  It’s PRETTY!  Can I just stare at it to get my protein?  Pwetty Please?

Seriously. My favorite color of blue. I painted a house this color once.

So here’s a disclaimer — I’m on Topamax for my migraines.  And Topamax has a side effect of making carbonated beverages taste flatter than they really are.

With that said, this doesn’t taste very carbonated — like a bottled Coke or Pepsi does, even medicated as I am.  It’s as carbonated as an energy drink is (which, folks, ain’t much).  If you’re a post-op THINKING of trying carbonation?  This would be a good test as it doesn’t have much in there at all (especially when poured into a glass.  Seriously, very few bubbles going on.

It has a berry flavor to me.  It leaves a bit of a dry taste in my mouth, but isn’t horrible.  My lips are a bit worse, but again?  I’ve had much worse.  MUCH worse.  This is pretty good in terms of the aftertaste.  It’s a bit sour, but I like that.  If you’re tired of sweet — this could fit a bill for you.

It is a fair amount of liquid, but because it’s thin, it can go down fairly easily.  It does not have any bulk like a thick shake does.

It’s whey isolate, with Designer Whey protein:

Good quality protein

The stats are pretty good, too:

All-in-all, if you don’t mind a carbonated drink, and want to drink over a longer period of time (because 24oz? is quite a large amount), then this isn’t a horrible protein drink.

Now, as I wanted to try, I mixed 50/50 with the Monster Energy drink to try a carbonated protein energy drink.  My pretty blue drink is now an interesting teal (which isn’t off-putting at all) and it’s a strange combo between the two.  Really?  It’s something I could do.  However, the Monster is only a 16oz can, so if I were to have mixed them from the beginning, there would have been more of the Xapp.  May not have been a bad thing because the Monster seems to overpower the Xapp when mixed 50/50 in my glass.  An interesting combo, to be certain!

I purchased my Xapp sample at Vitamin Shoppe.  I’d tell you how much it cost, but I really don’t remember and the ticket has been lost.  I’d guess $3.50 or so each, though (so obviously not the cheapest supplement on the market), but perhaps worth it to pour at your support group and shock all the “normal” Bariatrics?

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3 Responses to “Xapp – Pomegranate Acai”

  1. mm says:

    You liked it more than I did. :)

  2. Deb in Nebraska says:

    I’m with ya hon – real member of the I love carbonation BBGC- gonna look around and see where I can get it in NE. What flavors did you find? Hugs – Deb in NE

    PS Thanks for the info – the family doc just put me on Topomax for migraines – didn’t know that it kinda blasted the carbonation in my diet pepsi – now to find out if it helps the headaches AT ALL….

  3. Andrea says:

    I think the other is an apple flavor. It’s green at least.

    Give the Topamax a few months to work. It’s not instant. And it’s not necessarily easy at first.

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