It’s back.

On July 9, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

I suppose if I were more awake, I’d find a picture of Ahnold, the Govenator, and make some crack a-la Terminator.  But I can’t due to the fact that my brain cells are pretty much dead right now.

If you’ve not read about my knife-in-gut problems, you can catch up on the main problem here.

Last night, it came back — completely out of the blue.

The strange thing is that it pops up while I’m sleeping.  Very odd how it pops up.  But whatever.  At least I brought one of my meds with me, but not enough to help quell the pain of lunch today — which was out and about because, of course, I’m on vacation.

Shit.  I hate my fucked up guts sometimes.  I really want the knife out of my guts right now, though.  Because they feel like I’ve swallowed a Kabar.

I have some Xanax called in.  Maybe that will help — or at least I won’t care.

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