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On July 11, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Andrea


The OH Cincy event is coming up and it was expressed to me yesterday that it might be nice to have a clearing house for people to help find roommates for the event ($120 for a double, which can EASILY get 2 people, 4 if you don’t mind sharing a double bed with someone).

So to help people find roommates, I’m offering up this page.  Leave comments with emails if you’re looking for roommates and maybe you can find someone.

Hey — I understand — finances are tough.  I really get it.  I’m trying to work out a way to come to Houston.  So really?  I *get* it.

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8 Responses to “Cincy Hotel Room Help”

  1. I wish I could, Andrea but all trips are out until after the cruise in January. We are pinching pennies to do that. Maybe next year I will make it to a conference.

  2. Brooke Ryan says:

    I am interested in sharing a hotel room. I am in Lexington KY and I am also interested in carpooling. Females may email me at
    Thank you

  3. Candice Thompson says:

    See ya there, chickadee! Barb coming with??

  4. Andrea says:

    Not sure if anyone else is coming from Raleigh.

  5. Valerie says:

    I live around Cincy. Don’t forget to look further out, even up to 20-25 miles away, as traffic isn’t terrible around here. Up around Mason and Lebanon, you can get rooms under $50

  6. Andrea says:

    You’re coming Val, right?

  7. Blackleathrrain says:

    I’ve had great luck with using sites like Travelocity (secret hotels) and Priceline for hotels in Cincinnati, with a solitary exception. Cincinnati’s highways are laid out well and you can get from place to place very easy.

    I’m not sure where they’re holding the event – the Convention Center, maybe? Parking downtown can be affordable or outrageous, so don’t be afraid to drive around to find a cheap place to park. Crime downtown when it comes to cars is pretty darn low as long you lock your doors.

  8. Andrea says:

    It’s being held at the Westin.

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