Life, or something like it.

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Hi there.

I’ve had an email or two from people who don’t follow me on Facebook wondering what’s going on since I’ve been quiet on the blog of late.  Let me try and share a bit so you don’t put out a Silver alert for me as of yet (although, my sanity?  Go ahead and issue an APB for that, kay?).

Our debit cards were stolen in mid June.  Well.  Not exactly.  The debit card numbers were stolen.  Both mine and my husband’s.  Yes, the bank was helpful in getting the matter sorted out.  But it happened on my daughter’s 4th birthday, meant we had no debit cards for 14 days, and conincidentally, I had run out of checks as well (and still haven’t ordered them.. bad Andrea..).  This continues to be a pain as things that were auto-debited are still pinging and hitting back.  I hate the people who did this.  The police promised to call and let us know what the update was, but I never heard back and really I should do so.  But I’ve been a bit busy doing other things.

Like traveling.

I’ve been to Washington, DC and Kentucky, both in the month of July.  Which, if you think about it, is quite a bit of traveling.

The trip to DC was for the Swedish group our family is involved in for a National Convention.  I got to meet-up with Sue and Nessa (I’d give you the meet-up pix, but they are on the simple camera that doesn’t like to unload on the laptop.  People couldn’t figure out how to use the good camera to memorialize our togetherness..)  I was in town for literally one day before I left for a trip to Kentucky to visit my parents, with kids in tow.  And while it was to just be a visit, it turned out to be a moving-planning trip.

Because my parents are moving to NC.  Which is a good thing.  But the timing.. is not.  As there was a 3 week window to pack the house, move everything, and store everything as there is nowhere for them to move to here.  But also the fact that my father had eye surgery on July 15th and my mother had invasive abdominal surgery yesterday.  So the packing is pretty much low key for her.  Add in that the buyer is a complete jackass son of a bitch who tried to weasel out of the sale after signing the contract, but when he learned that he couldn’t get his $1,000 deposit back (and after a week of my parents not packing as they thought the house was going BACK on the market) he decided to go forward with the sale with the original closing date.  Which is July 30th.  Which is possession date.

That abdominal surgery?  Means mom is supposed to stay in western Kentucky for 3-4 weeks.  In a hotel, of course, because they won’t have a house to live in after 7/30 (assuming the aforementioned son of a bitch jackass doesn’t pull out at the last minute.. something I’m still not convinced he won’t do given previous history), though she is saying “no way” to this.  I’ve found them a rental here for a short-term, but still.

This leads to the trip to Cincy, which was supposed to be a 4.5 hr drive from THEIR house in western KY, which is now turning out to be a 9.5 hour drive from NC.  But if they stay the 3-4 weeks in Kentucky as the doctor is saying, they may still be in Kentucky (and these are my babysitters for the convention…)  So my ability to make plans is shot.  The only thing I know for certain is that I’m coming to Cincinnati for the OH convention. Beyond that, I have no clue.

Now, I’ve pretty much kept my chronic pain issues, for the most part, off the blog.  I know it’s been hinted at here and there that I have migraines and chronic daily headache.  And I’ll toss in that with daily medication and shots I get every 10-12 weeks (occipital nerve blocks if you’re curious.. but not for the weak) that my headaches are a dull 2-3 most days.  Of late, I’ve been in a pain cycle where it’s more like a 4-5, and when I take medication for them (narcotics, given that tylenol doesn’t help much and we can’t take NSAIDs, lucky us..) it creates a worse bounceback headache.  So I haven’t been taking any pain relief meds except for migraines (Frova, for example, last night.)  Plus, my stomach is back into thinking food is enemy territory.

So with everything going on, and with the pain.. I’m not exactly happy-go-lucky “go get a surgery and get skinny!” girl.  And I don’t want to focus this blog on pain issues whatsoever.  It’s not the purpose.  And I feel that if I were to really blog right now, the message would be lost – and I don’t want that.

So thanks to those who have wondered and asked.  I’ll be back when I can get a handle on what’s going on.  I’m just trying to muddle through as best I can.

Glide like a satelite in the broken night, when I wake you’re there I’m saved
Your love is life piled tight and high set against the sky, seems to balance on it’s own
Send your lifeboats out for me, send your lifeboat out..

- Lifeboats, Snow Patrol

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  1. Deb says:

    Andrea- one foot in front of the other hon- and when it rains it pours this is for sure but this too shall pass. I so relate to chronic pain and how it spins my daily “tude” – hope things can settle down for you some. I do believe that our stress wreaks havoc on our body – hence your upped pain! Glad you are still making your “me” time and see ya in Cinci! I will be the one with the “donut” for my freakin tailbone!

  2. Hang in there, Andrea. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and sending positive energy your way.

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