Blame it on the BBGC

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She’s done wondering what it’s like to be liked by everyone, and like everyone be just like anyone, and just wants to be so just like anyone, and wondering what they mean do they just mean to mean to be mean, and thinking about the scene do they just want to be seen, and try not to seem so just like anyone. – Soul Asylum

I’m back from the ObesityHelp Cincinnati Conference and I can safely say that of the now three events I’ve attended?  This was, by far, the most fun I’ve had.

And I place the blame squarely upon the shoulders of the BBGC – those bitches.

Now, I’d like to put a few things out there – make them very clear for anyone reading this.  I don’t normally spell things out this much, but I feel compelled to do so right now:

  1. I love OH events for the people.  I like the presenters.  Many of them I’ve sat down with and spoken with at length.  But the presentations don’t change much from event to event.  This is nothing against the presenters — there aren’t that many groupies that go to multiple events, so why change things up so often?  My point is that no, I don’t go to many of the presentations simply because I have seen them all and I would rather speak to the exhibitors, or attendees that are milling about.  This is the same for many of the other groupies.  I would kill myself before missing the Friday night event or the Saturday night party, though.  And I’m in the exhibition hall throughout the day.  In fact?  I was doling out Bariatric Advantage vitamin samples (their rep called in sick) and answered vitamin questions “off the clock” and loved it.
  2. I am a responsible adult care-giver to two small children, and I take medicine for chronic pain.  I do not get a chance to speak to adults on a regular basis, enjoy “adult-time” nor “adult beverages” regularly (expensive, plus they don’t mix well with my migraine meds.. and trust me.. Beth will attest that I had a HORRIBLE migraine starting up on Saturday PM from nixing my meds so I could indulge, and felt like death on Sunday as well.)  There is a severe and very painful price for my indulgence, and despite pictures that may give ideas to the contrary?  It’s not a regular thing.  In fact, my parents both asked (after taking care of my kids Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday how I do not drink heavily during the day with how busy they are and my headaches.)
  3. When someone makes assumptions about the BBGC as a whole, or even specific members of the group, it would be wise to keep their damned mouths shut.  Appearances are not all what they seem to be.  It’s amazing what smart, intelligent, classy, self-confident women can cook up in their imaginations to do on film or in public just to tweak off people.  And making comments such as “That’s what alcohol will do to you” in regards to a very sober Beth just make you look like an uneducated prick.

Beth posted on OH about the BBGC, and immediately drew fire (ironically) from an anti-troll.  I say ironic because it was a troll post, AND it was a flame post.  Let me point out some major points of irony:

  • “You only blog to document your journey? You push the masses to use your code to get your money, you are everywhere and you are a marketer extraordinaire yet you throw jabs at those that are in the community that have written books or appeared on billboards or have marketed themselves. Pot calling the kettle black. “
  • “Someone told me that you don’t even attend most of the speaker’s meetings at the events.  I guess you already know everything and just go to promote yourself or you think you’re better than them.”

The real irony in all of this is that the person they are trying to defend isn’t a loved persona on OH, “markets” herself out continuously (having even made fliers with screenshots of her youtube channel, facebook fanpage, webpage, etc.), didn’t speak at the event, did not attend many of the events as she went shopping numerous times before and during the event, then missed the party on Saturday night due to menses.

Yes.  She missed going to the party because she got her period.  And kept her roommate from going as well.  And blogged about it.

If you’re going to throw stones at someone about attendance records, it would be good to, you know, get your fucking facts straight.  Just sayin’.

What did the BBGC do?

We both loved this tree.


On Thursday, while I waited for Beth to fly into Dayton, I visited the National Air Force Museum and the Huffman Prairie Interpretive Center to learn about the Wright Brothers early explorations of flight.  After picking Beth up, we went to the Carillon Historical Center and then to the Woodland Cemetery, where the Wright family is interred.  I took about 250 photos.  All of this was a scavenger type hunt in order to get a bear.

Yes.  A bear.  I needed 6 / 9 locations.  We got 5 on Thursday.

Thursday night, we saw Touchdown Jesus, ate in Fountain Square, took a horse-drawn carriage ride and learned about downtown Cincinnati (which I think I will do from now on wherever I go because I learned some neat things and learned where I wanted to go photograph the next day).

First Covenant Presbyterian Church

Friday before the OH events, we were joined by Tony and we walked downtown Cincinnati where I took another 300 photos, got 8 yummy-delicious cupcakes, ate a protein bar, and had a wonderful time with good people.  The view from Carew Tower was to die for.  I totally could have spent hours up there, and Beth was bemoaning her lack of super-dee-douper long lens.  I felt her pain.

Beth and Tony

Friday night was the social meet-and-greet and it was nice to meet up with people from the boards.  Pam T. gave me the most awesomest shirt ever (yes, I’ll show it off later) and we had Mexican (Hey Kim — what’s up with Mexican?).  Later, somehow a party started in our room and we had (and I’m not exaggerating here at all) about 4-6oz of Clicktini shared amongst maybe 4 people.  Seriously, if people are going to get their tightywhities in a bunch over that, then you really need to remove the stick up your ass and grow a fucking spine.

A SOBER Teresa...

Saturday was cold (wear layers in Houston, folks) but always a blast.  Somehow, I got out without my goodie bag, but that’s alright.  Found out that the BA rep called in sick.  Beth asked if there was a place to put up the samples.  I decided to hand them out (otherwise, one person would take them all..) and Beth fretted.  But I got to talk to PEOPLE and that’s what I wanted to do all day anyway.  See point one above.

Saturday night was fun.  Plain, and simple fun.

Did I drink?  Yes.  Was it excessive?  No.  I was sober enough to do Aikido (martial art… I would never do Aikido rolls drunk or tipsy.. that’s a fast way to get hurt REAL fast) and yoga in the lobby.  This was good, clean fun with people that got me.  This doesn’t sound so special except that I’m painfully shy and quiet.  To get me to loosen up?  Miracle.  Speaks to these wonderful people that I had fun with – spectacular group.  Honestly – this did not happen in SoCal, or even in Atlanta where I was with my “best friend ever.”  Must have been the company present.

And really – if people have a problem with others having a good time?  Well, perhaps you need to seek professional help for that.

Sunday, we headed back up to Dayton, making one last visit to a Wright Brothers thing so I could get my bear:

Wilbear Wright - ironic he's by coffee....

So yeah.  Big party animals we are.  We went to Wright Brothers things and photographed architecture.  That’s.. scandalous!  The horror!!

This is a heads-up (Sue, Nessa, and now Tony will all attest to this) – if you take me somewhere, expect me to find something to photograph.  And it will most likely slow you down to the point of exasperation.  Because I like interesting looking buildings, signs, people, dogs, statues, etc.  And I take lots and lots, and lots and lots of photos.  Expect this.  Plan for it.  In fact?  If you invite me somewhere, it would thrill me if you had ideas of things I could take pictures of.  Cause.  I like things like that.

If you aren’t my friend on facebook?  You need to be.  Because that’s where all of my photos are.  And be aware, there are a ton of them.  You have to be my friend to see them.  Just lemme know and I’ll accept the request.  But it’s worth the price of admission.

Good clean fun

All-in-all, it was a great trip, and the BBGC is the best group of bitches I could ever call friends.

My dearheart, Nessa

The broken clock is a comfort, it helps me sleep tonight
Maybe it can stop tomorrow from stealing all my time
And I am still here waiting though I still have my doubts
I am damaged at best like you’ve already figured out

I’m falling apart, I’m barely breathing
With a broken heart that’s still beating
In the pain there is healing
In your name I find meaning
So I’m holding on, I’m holding on, I’m holding on
I’m barely holding on to you

The broken locks were a warning you got inside my head
I tried my best to be guarded, I’m an open book instead
I still see your reflection inside of my eyes
They’re looking for purpose, they still looking for life

I’m falling apart, I’m barely breathing
With a broken heart that’s still beating
In the pain, is there healing?
In your name, I find meaning.
So I’m holding on, I’m holding on, I’m holding on
I’m barely holding onto you.

I’m hanging on another day just to see what you will throw my way
I’m hanging on to the words you say
You said that I will be okay

The broken lights on the freeway left me here alone
I may have lost my way now
Haven’t forgotten my way home..


With a little help from my friends, I’m on my way home…

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9 Responses to “Blame it on the BBGC”

  1. Teresa Dunn says:

    So… I am just sayin’… YOU TWO WENT TREE HUGGING WITHOUT ME?? Biatches!

  2. Andrea says:

    Tree climbing, even!

  3. nessa says:

    I”m coming early next time… and if we can go together the road trip will be awesome… I have such fun with you… I get to let my hair down and pretend I’m young again!

  4. Love this! It makes me really look forward to the fun times I’ll have in Houston meeting everyone. I think that one or 2 people can try to ruin it all for people, but I love how you don’t let it.

  5. Umm…I’m super jealous of the bear. I totally would have done that scavenger hunt.

    Do you know if you’re coming to Houston yet?

  6. Andrea says:

    Airfare is my major concern at this point.

  7. Deb Evert says:

    You guys are truly the best of the best and I have never met you or Beth except on here. Whoever posted nasty shit can bark at the moon and eat it… There are tons of whiners but few who are just plain wonderful – and you two are it!! Love the pics Andrea- keep them up… Beth too…

  8. Andrea says:

    It IS a full moon..

  9. Penney says:

    I had the best time hanging out with you and Beth, and in turn getting to meet Teresa, Tony, Nessa, Nik , Bo and others. I was immediately comfortable with you and had a great time dancing, messing around and nearly sitting on a mechanical bull! Fuck the naysayers, I love you guys.

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