Professional Post-Ops

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It’s like a suicide mission when you can’t see no end
Tired of compliment fishin’ and impressing your friends
I never kissed no one just to kiss and tell
It’s a little bit of heaven and a whole lot of hell

There’s been some discussion of “Professional Post-Ops” and their “Behavior” of late, and it’s been running around in my head.  Specifically, it ran through my head yesterday as I was wiping down my walls, baseboards, and chair rails, high as a kite from bleach (can one get high from bleach?  I’m voting yes..) in preparation for house guests coming in from Sweden this afternoon.  I mean – when there is so little thought required in a task, it’s only normal that one’s mind will wander.  And wander mine did.

Where mine wandered was remembering a thread in which a “Professional Post-Op” attacked another post-op (whom she also called a “Professional” but the person eschews the title) for her behavior exhibited in a few photos from the last OH conference and how negative the picture portrayed WLS to be.

Wait.  What?

I’m ignoring the whole “she’s an adult and can do what she wants to do” (especially since I really think the photo was of me and another adult drinking a protein-laced drink.. but I’m hazy on the details since the brouhaha forced the photo to be pulled very quickly) but focusing on the “Professional Post-Op” angle.

Who decides who the “Professional Post-Ops” are?

Is this a card-carrying group?  What are the requirements of this group?

I mean – is there an application process, complete with essay section?

I’d like to become a Professional Post-Op because I really like to help people and I like to live my life under a continual microscope with everything I ever do is under continual scrutiny!  Where else can I get that kind of stress for free than when I am being watched like a celebrity with a paparazzi watching for any and every mistake so it can be ridiculed by others that are supposedly following the same path as I am, but the also the guilt I will feel for “failing” my followers!  I <3 my WLS surgery so very much I am willing to cause ulcers to preach to others about how great it is!

Is there a tribunal in which transgressions are brought forth and people are then kicked out of the Club?

You were seen eating a slice of buttered toast along with your breakfast of eggs and *shudder* BACON.  How could you do this where other people could see this?  Additionally, you have been see drinking a carbonated beverage with a STRAW!  These transgressions are grounds for your immediate removal from the group.

So if there’s no application process, no tribunal, how does one qualify for the “Professional Post-Op” title?  Is it self-imposed?  What about those who make money from other WLS’ers?  Is it given to us by the masses?  Is it given to anyone who goes to the conferences on a regular bases (oh crap..) or writes a blog?  (I’m screwed, aren’t I?)

If there is a selection process, how can I submit names so I can help select people that represent the values that I find important?  Is it like an election?  Is there a poll, or do we get our hands painted green when we vote?

Let’s face it – it’s a popularity contest, just like everything else we’ve had to deal with as fat people.  This is another way for there to be “popular kids” and for them to pass judgement on others under the guise of “putting the best face on WLS.”

Not that I ever was a “Professional Post-Op” but if I ever were to be?  Please don’t ever call me one.  I don’t want to be linked to some of the “Professional Post-Ops” that continually berate and belittle others on the path.

I’d much rather be an equal.

One that deals with the ups and downs of carb addiction and withdrawl, the struggles of being a mom with young children and trying not to force their own issues on them so they can keep healthy while being children in the process, and one that has to find the wherewithal to find the time to go to the gym even when they don’t really want to because they need to.

Good thing, too – I suck at politics.

Bariatric Bad Girl -- and proud of it.

Bariatric Bad Girl -- and proud of it.

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7 Responses to “Professional Post-Ops”

  1. MacMadame says:

    I think about this kind of stuff whenever I do something that is not on the prescribed path. Do I blog about it? Pretend it didn’t happen? Justify it?

    Because there are definitely things I do that are not according to “the rules” and it’s not even just that they don’t harm me, but that I think they are perfectly reasonable and/or work better for me than whatever the rule is that I am supposedly breaking.

    Not things like straws or chewing gum, because my program isn’t so lame-ass that they forbid everything even if there is no good reason for it. Not even things like eating every 2-3 hours instead of every 3-4 because my surgeon is okay that I do that even though he officially tells everyone else 3 meals only or 3 meals and a snack at most. (But he understands that I am burning 2000 calories a day and I can’t get that into 3 meals and a snack.)

    But things like eating dessert at a restaurant when you know it’s not going to put you over your calories for the day and you’ve gotten all your protein in. Or maybe it will, but you know you’re going to bike 80 miles the next day and it’s all going to come out in the wash.

    Or the other day I was out and about and thirsty. I’d forgotten to bring my water bottle. So I looked for water or FUZE everywhere we went. At Old Navy they had Jones Soda Zero and I got all excited that it had no calories and forgot about the carbonation. Until I took the first swig.

    The thing is, I don’t believe soda stretches our stomach. But there I was shaking the bottle like crazy to get the fizz out and imagining my surgeon coming into Old Navy and catching me “being bad” because I was drinking “soda.” Which I don’t even like. (Even with the fizz gone, it still tasted like chemicals to me.)

  2. nessa says:

    PROUD TO BE BBGC card carrying (or is or is that bracelet wearing) Member! In good standing I hope! I think about this too… and I wonder… will I ever be as awesome as you and MM??? Will I ever even CARE that folks are talking about my bacon and half and half??? or my ::::: GASP::::: simple carbs… OMG I eat CORN… I eat pretzels, I EAT CUPCAKES. I’m having an awesome life and my size ten tushie shows it!

  3. Nancy says:

    Loved it (I mean, er, insightful… I don’t love the criticism that you and your “peers” go through)! I’ve not been on your blog before but you are now “bookmarked” (don’t worry… I’m not an “important” (*cough* or popular) person!

  4. Lady Lithia says:

    I used to wonder why the people who were “popular” left the forums–I got so much inspiration from them but they up and poofed– I later realized how much pressure they were under, how unfair it was to them for the newbies and new-ops to expect them to be perfect, and never mess up and never ‘fess up if they mess up — AAAaaargh. I’m nothing like anyone’s idol partly because I have no desire for anyone to burden me with the responsibility to remain their perfect idol. I eat chocolate daily. (was trying to come up with a list of all my evil acts, but that’s the main one)…. I also had a WHOLE piece of FOUR LAYER chocolate cake this weekend even though I do dump…. enough to elevate my heart rate…. oh my gosh! How sinful is that!

    I love not having people looking up to me on this thing–it’s way easier to LIVE your life if you are NOT under a microscope.

  5. Cherie says:

    I an new to the wls lifestyle. There are people that I really look up to and occasionally ask questions via pm, but all in all they are human as I am and at times we will slide off the path………..this is life.

  6. Cheryl says:

    I think alot of people in the WLS community lose sight of the fact that we are all human and not perfect. I’m disappointed that we cannot all just live our lives, make mistakes, have triumphs, etc. Its hard enough already having nonobese people in our lives judging every food related action but to have WLS people do it is ridiculous.

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