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I’ve sat on this review for about ten months now.  I don’t normally run from a fight, but this one I did.

See, Unjury sent me samples back in December and I offered to try them.  However, shortly after, the attitude of the Unjury owners changed towards me and I honestly did not feel as though I could give an honest review of the product.  So I didn’t in fear that a bad review would draw even more criticism from the owners of Unjury.  (How this would be possible, I’m not even sure.)

Suddenly, I find, that I just don’t give a damn.  So away we go.

The package.

UNJURY® is a great-tasting protein supplement that provides the highest quality protein. One serving of Unjury provides 20 grams of protein – as much as 3 eggs – without the fat and cholesterol.

UNJURY® Protein Provides:
* Highest quality protein from Whey Protein Isolate.
* High protein content, low carbs and low fat.
* Truly great clean taste.

Medical Quality Protein Developed by a Clinical Dietitian
An experienced Clinical Dietitian, MS RD — in search of a light, clean, good tasting, high-protein supplement — found no product out there with high-quality protein. This inspired the development of UNJURY®. Unlike other protein powder supplements, UNJURY® is better because it is almost entirely protein — and has a great taste! Try UNJURY!


It should be noted that it is specifically suggested not to drink this without flavoring of any kind as you will be able to taste the protein.  So, digging through my cabinets, I picked the strongest of my usual drinks – a peach tea drink mix.

Peach Tea mix plus Unjry == ?

It should be noted that this packet of flavoring is supposed to be mixed with 16oz of water.  I normally mix it in my Buxx 20oz venti cup, but for tonight’s purposes, I will follow those directions to a “T” as well.  This will make the tea stronger than my usual mixture.

I'm behaving. And following the rules. PERFECTLY.

The Unjury is to be mixed with 8oz of fluid.  So I’ll do that in a shaker cup -


Still.. behaving..

Mixed it in and tried to spoon.. err.. straw stir it.

Hey! Leave my straw outta this!

Bubble bubble toil and trouble..

So not liking the results with this, I make the biggest mistake of all.

I shake the sucker.

Now, I know what you’re trying to figure out — how can this be bad?

Can you say “Holy Crazy Fountain of FOAM”?

Popping the top.


Okay. Who replaced my protein with beer?

So with this MASSIVE foam cap, I wait.  Cause there’s no getting through it.

And I wait.

And wait.

And wait.

While waiting (which, btw, 20 minutes) I ask the husband for a sniff test.

It went along the lines of me walking into his cave (which was dark — he had no idea what was in my hands) and saying “Hey, smell this.  Would you drink it?”  and him saying quite emphatically “NO.”  When asked to elaborate, he said, in his massively verbose way “It smells bad.  No.”

So it failed the “Swede Sniff Test.”

He would not drink this drink, but will eat pickled herring (Sil) and rotten fish (Surstromming).  Take from that what you will.

After 20 minutes, the foam was down to this:

A whole lot of waiting for this?

I agree with the Swede (well, except for the pickled and rotten fish part.. YUCK) as the smell is quite off-putting.

After much badgering from Penney (bish!) I tried it.

I’ve had worse (ProEnergy, anyone?) but I’ve certainly had a hellovalot better in the Unflavored market.

I will give it to Unjury – their stats are good:

Unjury Stats

Additionally, they do try to educate people about protein products, and this is a great thing to do as education of the masses is critical in this world.

However, it must be said that one of the owners of Unjury gets an unholy satisfaction arguing on the internet with complete strangers about things he simply does not understand, nor wish to.  He feels he has the correct answer for everything, and if you happen to disagree with him, woe be unto you.  It is truly mind-blowing to see how far this man will take such imbecilic arguments in an oft-misguided effort to prove a point.

Even if Unjury were the best protein in the entire world, I could not possibly endorse a company that has representatives that have time to actively stalk members on a message board and attack them.  It’s childish and is amazingly short-sighted of the company.  I cannot imagine this to be a valid business tool, especially as the last few attempts have backfired spectacularly with churlish displays of temper.

But as always, ask for free samples that are available to you and make up your own mind.

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6 Responses to “Unjury – Unflavored”

  1. Immediately post-op, I liked the Unjury chicken soup (individual servings). I also got the small servings of the unflavored and added it to things like mashed potatoes without a problem. So, like a fool, I bought 2 big tubs of the unflavored figuring I could add it to my coffee. Blech ! Lukewarm coffee with protein flavor – not worth it. I’ll continue to get my protein mostly from real food.

  2. MacMadame says:

    I tried Unjury early out and I found all the flavors to have some sort of weird after-taste. Blech.

  3. Cherie says:

    I use Unjury and am able to keep it down just fine—actually it was the only protein powder I tried that I would vomit back up, I am almost 9 months post op. My husband is 1 month post op and he can’t handle Unjury on its own, thankfully eggface’s blog has pretty good protein shake recipes that I can add to the Unjury and make drinkable for him.

    I know what you mean about that foam–crazy isn’t it?

  4. Penney says:

    Who you callin’ a bish, bish? **<3 Pippi**

  5. Jessica says:

    Glad to know I am not the only person who thinks it stinks! UGh…One week post op and in search of a decent protein drink…

  6. mela says:

    I have Unjury (bought it for lapband surgery) and it’s ok I guess; don’t particularly like the chicken flavor (HATE lukewarm soups) and learned the hard way about using too hot of water when mixing in the unflavored with coffee. I have yet to find a protein drink with no noticeable flavor. The foam is a bit annoying; try using a small whisk (they have some specifically for mixing drinks) and it seems to blend much better. I’ll keep using it because it seems to help (plus I’ve got a lot to get rid of, lol)…

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