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On November 22, 2010, in General Nutrition, Reviews, Vitamins, by Andrea

I’ve been around the Interwebz since before a GUI really was in place and there were text-based links for the BBS system that WAS the Internet.  This was back in the dark ages before teh Google or even teh Windows.  (Yes, there was a time before time..  I’s remembers it.)

With that said, I’ve now experienced something I’ve never had happen to me in all of those years – I’ve been modded.

Over a vitamin discussion.

And what is funnier still?  Is that I was correct, had an NIH link to annotate my proof, and was kind in my correction.

It was not as if I was snarky with my reply — “Hey you idiot, don’t you know better?”  No.  I was courteous.

I’d show you, but it was deleted, and I was blocked from responding again.

So you want to know what sparked this response?  I know I would.  Here you go:

If it looks like “Journey Vitamins” is talking to themselves.. well, they are.  It’s because there were several other people speaking and they too have been deleted and blocked from posting on the page.  The last comment is what I responded to, and corrected, which got me blocked.  Specifically this:

“It is proven that ordinary forms of iron used in other formulations block the uptake of calcium – which is the basis of why we should not take them together.”

As we know, calcium is what blocks the absorption of iron, not the other way around as stated here.  I simply corrected this, and provided an NIH link to prove the veracity of my statement.  Which got me deleted and blocked from the page.

I have a severe problem with a company that feels it must silence its critics in order to keep it’s customer base.  Additionally, walking back from such a mistake would have been so easy, gained points in several circles – “Oh!  Thanks so much for the correction!  Unfortunately I typed this with something else on my mind!  Good to have the correct information out there for all to see…” – and would not have made the entire thing look like a massive cover-up.  What else is being hidden?

Instead, Susan Maria has shown how she’d rather play these games at the expense of her customers’ health (which, in terms of WLS customers and their vitamins, can be a life or death situation) rather than bury the hatchet and “accept” the constructive criticism in the manner in which it was offered. Shame on Susan Maria for putting her fragile ego ahead of her customers health.  Truly shameful.

I’ve always tried to be fair to BE in my reviews.  I’ve even told people to try the Inspire brand of protein as it’s good quality in small liquid amounts.  It’s public record on ObesityHelp.  Don’t believe it?  I can prove it.  However, I cannot do this in good faith any longer given how Susan Maria is treating her customers’ health in this regard.  It simply goes against my integrity and moral code.

The quality of her vitamin was one thing.  It’s bad, don’t get me wrong.  But I really have seen worse – even with the “Bariatric” label on them.  Silencing people asking for outside proof of the quality of her vitamins was getting there.  But silencing the truth in terms of something as basic as calcium blocking iron absorption, something that is astoundingly basic in NORMAL nutrition, and something that is extraordinary important to our lives?  Unfathomable.

Please folks.  I’m not really a dramatic person.  But this?  Has gone too far.

I’m asking for everyone who’s interested in getting the information out there to contact Journey Vitamins and ask them for the independent research to prove the quality of their product.  I’ve seen the Albion studies, but some independent studies would be nice, ja?  If they are interested in helping the community, they should be willing to share the information.

If enough of us ask, perhaps they will learn that we are not able to be silenced.  And we are not sheeple that can be fleeced just for the green in our pocketbook.  Bariatric companies must learn that WE CONSUMERS are the ones that decide who lives and who dies in these difficult economic times.  And when it comes to MY health at least?  I’m damned picky with who gets my cash and my suggestions to my peers.

All around me, I see what weakness has made
Too much tomorrow, I think I’ll take all today
Am I a poison, am I a thorn in the side?
Am I a picture perfect subject tonight?

And I don’t need nobody
I don’t need the weight of words to find a way to crash on through
I don’t need nobody
I just need learn the depth of doubt or faith to fall into

Here I slumber to awaken my daze
I find convenience in the savior I save
Am I prison, am I source of dire news?
Am I a picture perfect reason for you?

And I don’t need nobody
I don’t need the weight of words to find a way to crash on through
I don’t need nobody
I just need learn the depth of doubt or faith to fall into

And in this time of substitute
it’s my needs I’ve answered to all the while
And the hope that I invest
still turns to signals of distress all the while

And I don’t need nobody
I don’t need the weight of words to find a way to crash on through
I don’t need nobody
I just need learn the depth of doubt or faith to fall into

You’re all I need.

Needs – Ed Roland, Collective Soul

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5 Responses to “Well, this is new.”

  1. Ruth says:

    Well, I’ve posted on Journey’s FB wall, very politely, but who knows if it will remain on their wall.

  2. Beth says:

    Clearly we made impact. The page was deleted.

  3. Andrea says:

    So rather than try and explain the science, give out the studies, etc. they decide to hide it all under a rock.

    Yes. This makes perfect sense.

    Let’s play games with peoples’ lives rather than be adults.

  4. rny_alison says:

    Can you give us a list of your daily vitamin regimen?

    I know that you and I take the same brand B-Complex. But I’d like to know what other companies/supplements you trust.


    PS – I was a sysop of a BBS back in high school and your post brought back memories of the good old days. I remember when I “upgraded” to a 14.4 kb/sec modem. :)

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