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On December 27, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

Hey all.

I hate self-promotion.  It’s just not me.  As much as Kaitlin and Beth and Jeannie and others kinda tell me to do it?  It’s just not something I’m good at.  I can sell.. just not good at selling myself.  What can I say – I’m still a bit broken in the head.

In any case, I’ve reworked the Workbook a touch.  Mostly just a few typographical errors, a few very minor changes, etc. and have released the Second Edition.  I’ve also now sold 42 copies online (including 2 copies of the SI, or Canadian version).

To celebrate both of these accomplishments (because, honestly?  I’m shocked as hell that it’s selling at all..) I’ve decided to make donations to both the WLSFA and the OAC when I hit 50 sold online.  Knowing me, I’ll probably do donations at 100, 150, 200, etc. as well.. but we’ll wait to see what’s going on in a year or so ;-)

In any case, this is not a timed offer.  I will make the donations regardless of when I hit the sales level.  Whether I have them all when I get up in the morning or at the end of March, 2011.  This is simply my way to help give back to the community in a tangible way.

A review of the Workbook can be found here, written by Kaitlin Nelson of The Bypassed Life.  She edited for me, but she really tries to be objective in her writings.  I’ve been told another review is in the process, so I’ll update when I have that link.

The link to purchase is here.

Thanks go to all who have purchased.  I’m still taking suggestions, any bug fixes (for 3rd.. cause you know I’m not perfect… at least I admit my mistakes), etc.  And yes, another book is in the works, but I am doing massive research on it so don’t expect it anytime soon.  I plan on doing it with citations and everything!  (And taking longer than 9 days to write…)

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