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“For the past 10 years, ObesityHelp.com has served the nation as the #1 online resource center offering peer to peer support and the very best information about the treatment options for obesity and plastic surgery after weight loss.

Now, the trusted name in the industry travels nationwide in hopes to meet you in person and to provide you with the opportunity to meet your peers face-to-face and to speak with the leading industry experts who can answer your questions and further provide you with the education, information, and support you deserve.”

We are scheduling many events that cover a wide range of issues: pre-op, post-op, plastic surgery, insurance summits and much more.”

I started attending OH conferences in 2009 and I <3 them.  A lot.  I love to go and meet other people who’ve had surgery, thinking of having surgery, vendors to pick brains and try new products, listening to some of the speakers (and others to make note of what we need to fix in the community…), and meeting people in the community.  Did I mention the meeting other people part?  As a work-at-home mom of two very young, but shrill and active vikings?  I cannot tell you how much fun I have when I go to these events.  These are working vacations.  And I <3 them.  With glitter.  And sparkles.  And more glitter.

EVERYONE should come.  It doesn’t matter if you are non-op, pre-op, new-op, post-op, or LONG-op.  Broken guts?  Join the club.  “I had weight loss surgery and all I got was this shitty pancreas that makes me pass out?”  Come on out as well.  Never quite got to goal and think others will know?  Eh, screw ‘em.  Neither did I.  Regained?  Here’s motivation all wrapped up in a fun weekend.  No, I’m not kidding.. I always feel much more motivated after I get back, and not from the speakers but from meeting my peers.

And as usual?  The Bariatric Bad Girls are coming.

We are not fabulous.  Beth is the Anti-Fabulous MMTM, with sparkly Chucks.  Andrea is the Anti-Fabulous.. something (we’re still in search for a nickname that I can say with a straight face..) with Vibrams.

Need some motivation?

  • All commission PROCEEDS from the sale of tickets with the code “meltingmama” will directly benefit the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) and the BBGC Education Fund.
  • I have a code, but for the sake of keeping things easy, I’m asking you use Beth’s code.  And yes, we really are donating the earnings back.  Pay it forward we do.
  • Come join us in Seattle (home of Buxx and the Flying Fish Guys!), New York, and New Orleans and help out our peers in the process!  Win/win situation
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  1. Margo Nelson says:

    Will be in Seattle with bells on! Well, maybe not bells, but maybe some sparkly high heels!

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