Prepaidlab – How does it work?

On March 28, 2011, in Reviews, Tests, by Andrea

If you’ve been around the weight loss surgical block for awhile, you know lab tests are vitally important.

If you’ve been around for a long while, you’ve probably figured out that there are some tests that we need that many docs don’t know to order.  Some docs are good about ordering tests that their patients request.  Some?  Not so much.

Depending on how you handle the above scenario, you can either find a doctor willing to work with you better (which is what I do..) or you can find alternative ways to get your tests. is one way to do so.

Learned more about this great service back in December, and since then, the company has created a page of tests specific to WLS folk.

To help show how this service works, Chris over at gave me a discounted code for a ferritin draw so I could go through the process and blog it for y’all to see beginning to end.

First, on Thursday night, I went to the WLS-specific page and picked ferritin and added it to my cart – pretty much like every other shopping cart in existence on the internet.

Click to enlarge

Checked out..

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Thanks Chris for my discount! Otherwise, like any other shopping cart system..

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After paying, you get this screen.

You can’t see it, but the black section is a PDF file that you print out and becomes your lab draw sheet you take to LabCorp.  It’s very basic, states the name of the test, the name of a doctor ordering the test, your information, etc.

Click to enlarge


So I took the form in to my local LabCorp (which happens to be 45 minutes away, but I digress) and have the draw.  That was on Friday afternoon.

It’s now Monday morning when I get this:

Email notification

So I followed the instructions to get my message -

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Then I get my message, which includes my lab report via a PDF file and caution to let a doctor advise me on the results:

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Now, I have the PDF, and I’d show it to you.  BUT it has my cell phone and my DOB on it.  And as much as I like you, I don’t like you that much to encourage identity theft and calls for vitamin advice at all hours.  So sorry.

But I can tell you (until I get it scanned in with stuff marked out) it looks like any standard LabCorp report sheet.  Except that it has an ordering doctor’s name that I don’t know.  But I really don’t care.

Results?  I’m thrilled – my ferritin is at 27!  I’ll do another draw in a few months to see how it changes, but apparently the Proferrin and I are getting along.

I am impressed as hell with this service — it’s fast and I had no issues when I went to LabCorp with the order form.  It was great.

If you want to try the service, the WLS form is here and remember that using “wlsvg” will get you a discount of 15%.

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  1. Chris says:

    You rock! And now that we’ve launched the section you helped me build out, please let me know if anything is missing or you’d like to add tests that aren’t listed… I’ll get ‘em up there asap!

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