What I eat.

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So awhile ago, Nik over at Bariatric Foodie asked a bunch of us to get together and post our food for a day to give post-ops a “realistic” view of what we eat at various stages of our surgery. I’m an open book anyway, so I don’t really care one way or another, except that it’s a fairly boring routine.

And then I figured out that eating? Kills my head. So now I kinda shy away from food. Welcome to long-term post-op life.

I’m not the only one doing this – there is a group of us. Please feel free to check out their blogs. I’m sure they are more “normal” than I am, especially right now given my dislike of solids.

I’ll be adding to this post through the day, so keep checking back. I also have a ton of other work to do, so you may also see some other things come across as well.


My “breakfast” most days, as a busy mom of 2 kids that rarely sleep through the night, is found in this cup.

It’s 11:37 AM and all I’ve had are 3 cups of coffee from my Tassimo brewer, sweetened with Splenda, and about 1oz of skim milk (1g protein each cup, baby). Trust me, even my kids know not to try and engage me before I have my 2nd cup. So I’m sitting at 3g protein and 30 calories.

And this is a special cup – it is from Skansen, an open-air museum in Stockholm where it was custom-made. Andrea is not a Swedish name.. Andreas is a boys name (and I have one that says that).. and so this had to be made for me. Daniel will be getting his pint-sized version this coming summer, and Kaitlin has one as well. Magnus will be getting a replacement because his broke sometime ago. Then the collection will be complete.


For lunch, I anticipate chicken nuggets. We’ll see.


Okay, so technically this is the next day. But I had an ice pick through my skull so I couldn’t get a whole lot done last night.

Lunch and dinner turned out to be the same, but I only took one picture. So imagine it doubled -

Mmm.. Chicken

These are some chicken breasts that I baked in the oven. They are each 170 cals, 14g carbs, and 14g protein. Yes, I had both of them. For dinner, too.

The drink is a drink mix that I was turned on to by Sue in MD.. it’s a stick similar to Crystal Light but is sweetened with Splenda. I really really really should not do as much Diet Mountain Dew as I drink because the aspartame really kills my head and builds up. At least it’s not as bad as my kids — instant migraine for them.

I also had two snacks last night -

Mmm.. carbs AND carbonation..

My weakness are muffins from a certain store in town. This is a blueberry muffin.. I would have preferred a lemon poppyseed, but beggars can’t be choosers.. or won’t be in this case, and I quite enjoyed it.

Is it an everyday indulgence? No. But I do enjoy them.

Then around 11:30, I had one of these:

These are like a protein candy bar, if there is such a thing. At 205 calories and 14g protein (and only 10g carbs), they are really pretty damned good. To the point that I can’t keep them in the house for fear of eating them all up. I have to buy them in singles so I don’t eat them compulsively.

And that was my day.

Was it perfect? No. Not even close. But this is my life. I am not a perfect post-op, nor will I ever claim to be. I am, however, a living, breathing example that 7 years later I’ve not gained back all of my weight (some, admittedly.. I need to work out) and eat real food, despite the ice pick being shoved through my skull by doing so. I don’t live on shakes day-in- and day-out. I could, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t most of the time. Some times I do. Right now I don’t. Ask me next week and maybe I will. Who knows?

Post-op eating is very individualistic. Don’t believe me? Check out all of the blogs from yesterday. We all are “winning” the battle, and doing it all in different ways. There is no set way in stone, there is no “right” way or “wrong” way. And there is no smoting from on high when we disagree. Tolerance is a beautiful thing.

Have any questions? Ask. I’m an open book.


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11 Responses to “What I eat.”

  1. mm says:

    Your cup is adorable.

  2. Andrea says:

    You should see Kaitlin’s — it’s small and really cute.

  3. Melissa says:

    what???? no vites yet this am??? from the vite warrior?

  4. Michelle says:

    Coffee ✔ ✔ ✔

  5. Andrea says:

    Those aren’t food.

  6. Ann Balambao says:

    I am definitely boring in the eating department. My first thing daily is a cup of warmed cocoa with protein added to it. The only ‘fancy’ part of it is that it has a dollop of whipped cream from a can topping it off. Total 230 calories.

    a couple of hours later I eat an egg and if available a couple of pieces of bacon.

    A couple of hours after that I will have a cup of grapefruit wedges and a stick of cheese or a banana and an rtd protein drink

    a couple of hours after that I will have another protein cocoa

    two hours later I may or may not eat some kind of meal. usually not or a v-8 juice.

    around 7 pm-ish I will have a third cup of protein cocoa. I don’t really eat after that.

    Through out the day I may drink crystal lite or coffee. Solid food and I don’t get along very happily currently. But I will try to eat steak when I am lucky enough to get it.

    Told you my food list would be very boring.

  7. val says:

    I rarely tell anyone what I eat and today was an off day for me – but here goes – breakfast – oatmeal topped with yogurt, lunch 2 – 6 oz cartons yogurt. snacks – apple. 1 cookie. dinner – Mcdouble and a small coke zero. ( I said it was not usual) late snack – 2 slices tomato topped w/ goat cheese & 2 slices tomato topped w/ fresh mozzarella / basil and balsamic viniagrette and placed on thin slices of multigrain bagette. copious amounts of green ice tea, water and crystal light ( the new CL made with stevia not nutrasweet – and yes it has a small bit of actual sugar too.) yes I had vits and no I didn’t drink any protein.

  8. Nikki Massie says:

    That last paragraph made the whole post worth the wait. AMEN!

  9. Nikki Massie says:

    …says Nikki as she chows down on a 6″ turkey breast and ham Subway sub with double meat. :)

  10. Andrea says:

    Nik – I may be slow (my days are better with my head.. night is when I look for a saw to remove it forcibly), but I generally can pull out a few coherent thoughts to make it worth it. Usually.

  11. mm says:

    “Tolerance” — what is that?

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